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Sun and Rainbow Decoration tutorial

We love to see how Benzie color palettes inspire you! Maker Team member Penny of @happystitchery found inspiration in the Cheerful Brights Rainbow shape to create, well, a cheerful and bright felt ornament! Follow along for guaranteed smiles. *wink*

This sun and rainbow hanging decoration will add a little summer sparkle to your home. And once you've learned the basics of this ornament, you can customize it in endless ways!

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 4 hours

Project supplies


One 9 x 12" sheet of Magenta Wool Blend Felt
One 9 x 12" sheet of Lemonade Wool Blend Felt
One 9 x 12" sheet of Tangerine Wool Blend Felt
One 9 x 12" sheet of Peacock Wool Blend Felt
One 9 x 12" sheet of White Wool Blend Felt
One Cheerful Brights Rainbow Felt Shape
One Medium Felt Pom-pom in Lemonade, Magenta, and Peacock
One Extra Small Felt Pom-pom in Aqua, Fern, Lemonade, Magenta, Peacock and Thistle
Embroidery Floss - DMC 600, 727, 741, 3810, 907 and B5200
One skein of DMC Tapestry Wool 7740
Clover Metallic Sequins
Gold Metallic Sequins
Teal Metallic Sequins
Tapestry Needle
Embroidery Needle
Freezer Paper
Wonder Clips
Embroidery Scissors  (optional)
Sun Pattern  (click to download)
Color Chart  (click to download)


1. Transfer the Sun Pattern design onto your felt in any way you prefer. I find that using freezer paper is the easiest as all you need to do is print your pattern directly on the freezer paper sheets and then iron it directly onto the felt.

Printing pattern onto freezer paper

2. First cut out all the pattern pieces leaving a little area around the designs. Iron the pieces onto their corresponding color of felt and use a sharp pair of scissors to cut them out. Peel off the freezer paper on all of the cut pieces except for the Face and Ray as you will be embroidering on these.

Cutting out felt pieces

3. Use two strands of embroidery floss to sew a straight stitch for the rays. Alternate DMC 727 and 907 on the sun ray background. Once finished, carefully remove the freezer paper and repeat on the second face background.

Stitching sun rays

4. Next take one strand of embroidery floss and sew a sequin on the top of each sun ray. Match the Gold sequin with DMC 727 and the Clover sequin with DMC 907.

Sewing on sunray sequins

5. Using two strands of DMC 600, sew the eyelashes onto the face using long stitches. Once you have sewn both eyelashes, carefully remove the freezer paper and repeat with the second face.

6. Secure the bridge of nose piece to face with Wonder Clips. Backstitch the nose in place using two strands of DMC 3810 and then remove the clips. Using the nose and eyelashes as a guide, position the white eyes before using two strands of DMC B5200 to sew them into place. Repeat on the second face.

Stitching nose and eyes

7. Using another Wonder Clip, position the felt face onto the background piece. Make sure one of the sun rays is centrally positioned at the top of the head. Use two strands of DMC 727 to backstitch the face into place. Repeat the same on the second face.

Stitching sun face to background

8. Position the lips and teeth onto face under the nose. Secure with a backstitch using two strands of DMC B5200 (sewing through both layers). Now that the sun's mouth is in place, add the cheeks to either side and backstitch around their outline using two strands of DMC 741. Repeat all these steps on the second face.

Adding features to sun face

9. Take a Teal sequin and center it within one of the white eyes. Use one strand of DMC 3810 and sew the sequin in place and do the same for the second eye. Repeat for the second face.

Adding sequin eyes

10. Now that the sun is finished, it is time to start assembling the remaining pieces. Cut a piece of tapestry wool to a length of 30". You will use the remaining part of the wool to create a tassel at the bottom of your decoration. Take the top of the 30" length of wool, make a loop (around the size of your thumb) and finish with a knot. Leave a 1" tail after the knot.

Making loop in tapestry wool

11. Using a tapestry needle, thread both the wool and tail and thread an extra small Magenta pom onto the wool. Move the pom right up to the knot and cut off the excess tail. Next, add a medium Lemonade pom and an extra small Peacock pom. Leave around 1/2" between each pom-pom.

Stringing pom-poms

12. Around 1" from the bottom of the third pom-pom, tie a knot in the wool. Take one of the sun panels, and use two strands of DMC 600 to secure the knot to the inside top of your first sun panel. This will anchor the sun in place.

Securing sun to tapestry wool

13. Using Wonder Clips to secure both suns together (back to back), making sure the top of the designs align. Whip stitch around the outer edge using two strands of DMC 600.

Whip stitching suns together

14. Take your tapestry needle and add an extra small Thistle pom onto the wool. Follow with a medium Peacock pom, then an extra small Lemonade pom. After your Lemonade pom, leave a gap of around 1/2" before tying a knot in the tapestry wool. Now thread on the rainbow felt shape.

Adding final pom-poms

Now you just need to thread your last three pom-poms: an extra small Fern, followed by a medium Magenta and then an extra small Aqua.

15. Wrap the left over tapestry wool around the palm of your hand. Tie the end of your hanging ornament to the top of the wrapped wool and secure with a knot. Use six strands of DMC 600 to tightly wrap the top of the tassel (about 1/2" from the top.) Tie off the floss and trim. Cut through the bottom loops of the tassel. 

Making wool tassel

16. Trim the ends of your tassel to the same length and your ornament is finished!

Finished tassel

Now that you’ve learned the basics, why not show your own creative flair? Use some extra yarn and matching pom-poms to convert it to bunting or use one of Benzie's other felt rainbow shapes to create a unique color palette.

Thanks to Penny for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @happystitchery or visit her website. Stay tuned for more tutorials from the Benzie Design Maker Team!