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How to Cut Felt


how to cut felt

It's surprisingly easy to cut shapes and patterns out of felt and we have a technique that is more precise than pinning, less fuzzy then transfer pens and cleaner than chalk. And it's by far the most fun! The key is freezer paper (yes, the same paper you can wrap food in) and sharp scissors.

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1. Trace your pattern onto the matte side of the freezer paper.

how to transfer a pattern to felt

2. Iron the freezer paper (wax side down) to the felt. The wax helps to adhere the paper to the felt.

Freezer Paper and Felt

3. Cut out the shapes. Small scissors are helpful when maneuvering around tight corners and sharp tips lead to clean cuts.

Cut out shapes out of felt

4. Peel paper off. If the paper is difficult to peel away from the felt, ease up on the heat or reverse the pattern when tracing. You can also reuse freezer paper - just re-iron and cut. Perfect!

Freezer paper transfer on felt

Here's an instructional video on this technique!