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Mix Tape Valentine


Mix Tape Valentine tutorial

We are living in a golden age where some of us were masters of mix tapes and others are just discovering their magic! Whether you're an old school mixer or new to the party, there's something so special about a present made especially for you. These felt Mix Tapes are just that - completely customizable to the tastes of the intented. Do you like your colors and music loud like our Pop Rocks felt palette or are you more of an easy listener with Botanical Blends? Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, these are love songs in Fairy Ring. xo

Skill Level: Intermediate
Time: 6+ hours

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Additional Supplies:

Mix Tape Pattern  (click to download)
Stitchable Alphabet Die - optional
Sewing Maching - optional


Felt Mix Tape

1. Print Mix Tape Pattern above and cut out pattern pieces. Trace pieces onto corresponding felt colors and cut.

This example uses the Fairy Ring felt palette and coordinating thread. However, this tape should feel original - like you - so felt colors A, B, C and D can all be switched to the colors of your choice.

Felt cassette pieces

Cut the pieces from Black felt along the short end of one sheet, so you have enough for the pillow at the end.

2. Glue Cassette Front to Cassette Back. Keep line of glue inside of perimeter, since this piece will have whipstitching along edges.

Gluing cassette front to back

3. Place Top, Middle and Bottom Stripes and Reel Background within Cassette Front opening. Make sure everything fits properly and trim if necessary. Glue into place.

Gluing stripes inside cassette center

4. Flip over Cassette Center and glue Tape Reels on each side of center opening. Flip back over and glue over the Reel Background. Outer edges of the Backgound should be completely covered.

Adding reels to cassette center

5. Center and glue Label over the Top Stripe. Glue Cassette Base centered along the bottom edge of Cassette Front.

Gluing cassette center and base to front

6. Glue one Outer Screw to the bottom left corner of Cassette Front. Glue two Inner Screws to bottom right corner of Cassette Base. (Use picture to reference placement.) Glue remaining screws to right side of cassette in a mirror image.

Gluing felt screws onto cassette front

Embroidery Embellishments - Refer to pictures for stitch placement

7. Once glue is dry, use thread corresponding to Felt A to whipstitch around Cassette Center and sides and top of Cassette Base.

Stitching border lines around Felt A

8. Use a ruler and Frixion pen to draw two lines along lengths of Middle and Bottom Stripes. Back stitch along lines with matching thread. Remove any markings with a hair dryer.

Adding stitched embellishment to cassette stripes

9. Draw another line above bottom quarter of Label. Use Oyster thread to stitch a reverse chain stitch along line. Remove any markings when finished.

Stitching line along label

10. Use Oyster thread to stitch eight lines radiating inward from circular openings in Cassette Center.

Stitching lines in reel interior

11. Use Black thread to stitch over Inner and Outer Screws. For the Outer Screws, bring the thread up through the middle and back down on the outside edge of the screw. Repeat eight times to form a star. For the Inner Screws, bring the thread up through the middle and back down on the outside edge of the screw. Repeat four times to form a plus sign.

Adding stitches to felt screws

Your Mix Tape is finished!

Finished mix tape

Try making another with alternating songs, er, colors. To turn your custom cassette into a Valentine, continue reading!

Finished mix tapes in two colorways

Mix Tape Valentine

12. To make the pillow, cut two 12 x 18" sheets of Black wool felt into 12 x 12" squares. Set one square aside.

Cutting black felt into squares for pillow

13. Glue cassette to the center of felt square. Whip stitch around cassette perimeter with coordinating thread.

Adding cassette to pillow front

14. Add a sweet saying with text cut from felt or embroidered with thread.For this example, we cut letters from Felt C using our Stitchable Alphabet Die. The letters were stitched on with coordinating thread.

Adding text to pillow front

15. Pin or clip second felt square to back of first. Stitch around outside edge with a 5/8" border, leaving a 3-4" opening for stuffing. If you have access to a sewing machine, this is the quickest way, but hand stitching will also work.

Sewing pillow together

16. Stuff pillow and finish sewing closed.

Stuffed and sewn pillow

As an alternative to a pillow, the felt mix tape can be added to a pouch or bag! Add glue to the back of the cassette and place on item. Whipstitch around perimeter with matching thread.

Cassette added to pouch

We hope you enjoy making this Valentine... We think it's the perfect mix!

Finished mix tape Valentine examples

Thanks to Camille for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @notsomodernmillie or visit her website. Stay tuned for more tutorials!