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Needlepoint Sunglasses Case tutorial

If you're relaxing under a beach umbrella with your toes in the sand or sitting by the pool while the kids splash and play, you need a fun and easy project to keep your hands busy. This retro inspired sunglasses case is a slow craft that you can bring along on all your summer adventures. Do you think our grandmothers had needlepoint in their beach bags?

Skill Level: Kid Friendly

Time: 10+ hours

Project supplies


Plastic Canvas, 10 count
Tapestry Needle
One skein of DMC Tapestry Wool White Ecru
One skein of DMC Tapestry Wool 7715
One skein of DMC Tapestry Wool Black
Two skeins of DMC Tapestry Wool 7905
Two skeins of DMC Tapestry Wool 7484
Two skeins of DMC Tapestry Wool 7605
Two skeins of DMC Tapestry Wool 7107
Needle Threader  (optional)
Needlepoint Pattern  (click to download)


1. Cut the plastic canvas into sections for stitching. The sheet of plastic canvas is 132 x 102 squares. Your finished project will be two rectangles measuring 70 x 36 squares. We strongly recommend that you cut your canvas larger than the finished measurements (as demonstrated below) and trim the excess after stitching. If you make a mistake when cutting in the beginning, it could ruin your project.

Cutting the plastic canvas

2. Print the Needlepoint Pattern in the supply list. The stitch used for the majority of this pattern is a diagonal Half Stitch or Half Cross Stitch. For this tutorial, we will be starting our stiching in the bottom left hand corner. We will stitch each color completely before moving to the next.

Pattern and stitching views

3. When beginning each new color or length of thread, come up from the back of the canvas. Leave a small tail (1/2") in the back. Stitch your first few stitches over it to secure.

Starting a new thread color

To finish the thread, push the needle back under 4-5 finished stitches. Cut excess thread.

4. Stitch all of the Ecru (7905) and Mustard (7484) in the background. Multiple threads will come up through the same hole, so it is best to stitch lighter colors first. Fibers from the darker threads can get pulled through and mix in with the lighter threads.

Stitching plaid background

5. Begin stitching the Flamingo (7605) squares. This color also incorporates a Straight Stitch. You can stitch the straight portions in conjunction with the Half Stitches as shown below.

Adding straight stitches

6. Stitch all of the Flamingo (7605) and Strawberry (7107) squares.

Stitching plaid accents

7. Stitch the interior of the sunglasses with White (White Ecru) and Silver (7715).

Stitching sunglasses lenses

8. Complete the design by stitching the sunglasses frame in Black. Repeat steps 4-8 to complete the other side of the sunglasses case.

Finished pattern

If your plastic canvas is larger than the finished design, now is the time to trim the excess. Be careful not to cut into any of your stitching!

9. Let's assemble the case. Position the two sides as mirror images, as shown below.

Finished stitched sides

Use the Strawberry (7107) tapestry wool to stitch the border of the case. Begin stitching the left side from the top right corner. Use a Whip Stitch to stitch along the top.

Whip stitching perimeter of case

10. When you reach the top left corner, place two sides together, right sides facing out, and whip stitch along the perimeter.

Perimeter stitching

11. After you've stitched around the perimeter and are back at the top of the case, continue stitching along the unstitched top edge to finish. You can squeeze the case to seperate the two edges for easier access.

Finishing top edge

12. To finish the thread, push the needle back under 4-5 finished stitches. Cut excess thread.

Finishing stitches

Your needlepoint sunglasses case is finished! Remember - this isn't a project meant to be completed in one sitting. Enjoy the process while you enjoy these long, hot summer days. See you at the beach!

Finished case

Thanks to Camille for designing and writing this tutorial. You can follow her on Instagram @notsomodernmillie or visit her website. Stay tuned for upcoming projects!