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Night Sky Pennants Tutorial


Spring is the perfect time for star gazing. Clear skies, warmer weather, and natural curiosity combine to lead us to look up at night with wonder. Now you can bring a little bit of that starry magic inside with these sophisticated Night Sky Pennants designed by Benzie Design Maker Team member Chloe of Positive Pennants!

Skill Level: Kid friendly, beginner

Supply List:
Linen Wool Blend Felt, 1 sheet of 12x18 or 9x12
Midnight Wool Blend Felt, 2 sheets of 12x18
White Glitter Felt, 1 sheet of 9x12
Tacky Glue
Wonder Clips or alligator clips
Scotch Tape or other clear tape
Handheld hole punch/Japanese hole punch
Computer paper
Round object (used to make stencils)

Optional Supplies:
Sewing Machine
Dark blue or white thread

Tip: This tutorial uses Linen, Midnight, and White Glitter felt, but here are some other colors that would also work: White, Black, Parchment, Marine, Oxford Blue, Silver Glitter. You could go purple for the pennant color as well: Lilac, Abalone, Thistle. Have fun with picking out your palette! 

Starry Night Pennant Directions:

1. Iron felt (do not iron glitter sheets)

2. Cut out your pennant template: Using an 8.5x11" piece of computer paper, measure half way on the lower 8.5" side and mark a small line. Using your pencil, draw lines from the upper corners to the mark you just made. Cut out the shape. Save your scraps.

3.  Tape the template onto the Midnight felt and cut along the shape.

4. Cut out the band and ties: From your Midnight felt, cut a band piece that measures the width of the top of your pennant plus 1" by .75". From the same felt, cut two ties that each measure 8" x .5".

5. Fold the ties in half and place them an equal distance from the two ends of the pennant.

6. Use Tacky Glue to glue the fold of the ties together, and then glue the ties to the pennant itself.

7. Using clips, hold the ties in place as they dry.

8. Once dry, remove the clips and use Tacky Glue to adhere the band over the ties. Press down firmly. Do not use clips again as they will dent the fabric.

 9. Cut out stars: Draw stars on your paper scraps. Vary the sizes and points to make an interesting night sky. Cut out these shapes and arrange them on the dried pennant. 

10. Using the same technique of taping the paper template to the felt that was used to cut out the pennant shape, tape the paper stars upside down on the back of the glitter shapes and cut out your shapes. You can also try cutting out the stars freehand, whichever technique works best for you!

11. Once you have placed them where you like them, Tacky Glue the stars in place.

12. You can run the pennant through a sewing machine with matching thread if you have a sewing machine, but this step is optional. Trim the band that is dangling off the upper sides to the length you'd like, and you're done with your Starry Night Pennant!

Moon Cycles Pennant Directions: 

Follow Steps 1 - 8 in the Starry Night Directions to make the base of your pennant. In Step 2, use two sheets of 8.5" x 11" computer paper taped together along the 8.5" side. Measure 18" from the bottom and make a solid line. Draw a diagonal line from each corner to the center mark below. Cut out the shape, and use as your lager template for this pennant.


9. Using a new 8.5" x 11" piece of paper, fold the paper three times over itself like an accordion. Find a small circular object you can trace that will fit onto the paper when it's folded.

10. Trace the circle and then cut it out. You'll have eight circles but will only need seven. Place them in a line going up the pennant to make sure they will fit. If not, find another smaller circular object and repeat until all seven circles fit onto the pennant with some space between them.

11. Cut out seven circles from the Midnight felt by taping the circle to the felt and cutting around the template.

12. Repeat the previous step but cut out seven circles from the Linen felt.

13. Cut the Linen felt to match the moon phases in the image of the final pennant. Using Tacky Glue, adhere the Linen moon phases on top of the Midnight circles. Trim any access. Tip: You can use some of the trimmings from the Linen moon phases to make the other moon phases. Glue the moon phases in a line down the center of your pennant.

14. Using a handheld hole punchers or Japanese hole punch, punch out as many little stars as you would like from your Linen felt. Adhere them around the moon phases with Tacky Glue.

15. You can run the pennant through a sewing machine with matching thread, if you have a sewing machine, but this step is optional. Trim the band that is dangling off the upper sides to the length you'd like, and you're done with your Moon Phases Pennant!

Thanks to Chloe from Positive Pennants for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @positivepennants, and until then, stay tuned for more Benzie Design Maker Team tutorials from Chloe and the rest of the Team!