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Heirloom Envelope Tutorial


Notes for a New Year Envelope tutorial

As the year comes to an end and we prepare for a new year to begin, start a tradition of creating Notes for the New Year. This tutorial from Maker Team member Kim of @franandjudy will walk you through creating an heirloom felt embroidered envelope to use again and again each new year!

Write down your goals, wishes, and dreams and place them into this keepsake envelope. When the year comes to an end, open the envelope and take some time to reflect. Then, create a new note for the next year! This is a thoughtful tradition for people of all ages to dream, wish and reflect.

Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Time: 5 hours

Project supplies

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Additional Supplies:

Envelope Template PDF  (click to download)
Stick Pins
Tacky Glue
Hot Glue Gun


1. Print the Envelope template above and cut out.

2. Arrange the templates on the 12 x 18" Ecru felt. Tape the templates together and secure to the felt with pins. Cut out. Do not cut the side of the felt that does not have an arch. Reverse the template, re-pin and finish cutting so both sides of the felt have an arch.

Cutting envelope from template

3. Once the felt is cut in the final shape, place the template beneath the felt. Pin in place. During daylight hours, tape the template onto a window. You will be able to see the outline of each of the words through the light of the window. Use a Frixion pen to trace: NOTES, NEW, YEAR. The other words will be traced at a later point.

Tracing text onto felt

4. Embroider the traced words using a couching stitch with tapestry wool and embroidery floss. For a couching stitch, measure out two 12" lengths of Dark Blue tapestry wool (DMC 7860). Thread a chenille needle with one strand of the wool and make a knot at the end. Line the needle up at the top of the letter N and push through the felt. Repeat this process with the second length of wool. There are now two lengths of Dark Blue tapestry wool ready for the couching stitch.

Preparing for couching stitch

Twist the two lengths of tapestry wool around one another. Thread an embroidery needle with all six strands of Red embroidery floss (DMC 350) and tie a knot at the end. Push the needle through the felt near the top of the N. Line the twisted wool along the traced letter N. Pull the Red floss up and over the wool, pushing the needle down, back through the felt, locking the wool into place.

Demonstrating couching stitch

Move the needle with the Red floss under the felt about 1/4" down. Continue the process, locking the tapestry wool into place as you follow the shape of the N. At the end of the letter, thread the chenille needle once again with the tapestry wool, push through the felt and knot off.

Finished stitched letter

Repeat this process with each of the letters.

Stitching remaining text on envelope

Here are the fiber combinations for each letter (Tapestry Wool / Floss):

N - 7860 / 350
O - 7024 / 580
T - 7599 / 729
E -7303 / 3808
S - 7484 / 3743
N - 7548 / 162
E - 7107 / 729
W - 7018 / 920
Y - 7599 / 3808
E - 7484 / 350
A - 7024 / 162
R - 7860 / 580

5. Cut the circle shape from the paper template. Place the template on the Opal felt and cut. Repeat Step 3 by placing the template and felt on a window to trace the words “for the” with a Frixion pen.

Cutting additional shapes from template

6. Place four small dabs of tacky glue on the back edge of the Opal circle and secure to the Ecru felt. 

7. Use six strands of White embroidery floss (DMC 3866) to split stitch the letters inside the circle. The split stitch is comprised of a series of straight stitches that intersect one another. Begin by pushing the needle through the felt at the base of the letter f. Make a straight stitch that is about 1/4" long. With the needle on the underside of the felt, push the needle through the middle of the straight stitch.

Split stitching text

Repeat this process for each of the letters inside the circle.

8. Separate two strands of floss from DMC 3808. Place random couching stitches around each of the letters. Repeat this process, at random, with the various colors of embroidery floss.

Adding couching stitches to text

9. Use a Frixion pen to draw several well-spaced dots around the words. Alternate between sewing Gold and Silver sequins on each of the dots with DMC 3866 embroidery floss. Find more instruction on stitching on sequins in this tutorialDraw eight evenly spaced dots around the Opal circle. Sew on alternating beads and sequins.

Adding sequins and beads to felt

10. With coordinating floss, stitch one small pom-pom to the top arch and one to the bottom arch.

Adding pom-poms to envelope closure

Cut a 24" length of bakers twine. Thread onto a chenille needle and tie a knot in the end. Push the twine through the felt, through the backside of the top pom and out the bottom. This creates the long strand of twine to close the envelope.

Adding string for tying

11. Fold over the rectangular sides and iron to crease the edges of the envelope. Repeat for the top and bottom arches.

Ironing folds of envelope

Draw a line of hot glue down the middle of the two rectangular sides and press together to secure. 

Gluing envelope flaps closed

Repeat for the bottom arch only. The top arch remains unglued for inserting notes!

Completed envelope closure

Time to write your reflections of 2022 and welcome 2023 with your goals and wishes for the year ahead. Happy New Year!

Finished heirloom envelope

Thanks to Kim for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @franandjudy or visit her website. Stay tuned for more tutorials from the Benzie Design Maker Team!