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Poinsettia Deep Etch Die Tutorial


Classic Poinsettia Deep Etch Die Tutorial

We've added a new floral die to our collection and it's a must for your holiday decorating! Designed by felt artist Kelsey Linville, the Classic Poinsettia die creates a festive flower approximately 6 x 6”. In this tutorial, Kelsey teaches her techniques for assembling the poinsettia. You can also see her in action with her YouTube demonstration!

Skill Level: Intermediate
Time: 25 minutes

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Reference Sheet  (click to download)

As an alternative to using a die, these shapes can be easily cut by hand. Use our SVG file and follow the instructions below.


1. Use the Reference Sheet above to cut the corresponding color and quantity of each shape.

2. Begin with the Center Piece. Add a line of glue along the bottom length of the horizontal rectangle. Fold in half to glue the long sides together.

Folding center piece for flower

3. Position the 18-gauge wire stem almost to the top of the second loop of Center Piece. Add a line of glue on the stem and fold the first loop onto the stem to hide the wire, holding tightly until secure. Roll the rest of the center tightly around the stem, securing with glue along the bottom edge. Add glue to the bottom of the center for extra stability. Set aside to dry.

Rolling flower center around stem

4. Use fabric marker to color tips of the loops red.

Adding red marker accents to flower center

5. Sort Petals into piles according to size. Cut a 6” section of 22-gauge wire with wire cutters. Position wire in the center of Petal. Add a line of glue down the center. Pinch the tip of the Petal together first to form the poinsettia point.

Sorting and gluing petals onto wire

6. Fold the rest of the Petal in half over the wire, pressing along the wire firmly. Keep the Petal in the folded over position and repeat process with remaining petals. Keep Petals sorted by size as you add the wire.

Making petal shape with wire

7. Once glue is dry, open each Petal by arching the wire upward. The Petals will be added to the poinsettia center in order from smallest to largest.

Opening petal shapes with wire

8. Position one of the smallest Petals next to the flower center. Stretch the floral tape to activate the wax, and tape the two wires together. Pull the tape tightly and loop around a few times until it feels secure. Add the next two smallest Petals one by one with the tape. Space them evenly around the center like the points of a triangle.

Placing petals around flower center

9. Add the next largest set of three Petals. These three will be slightly lower and spaced in between the layer above it.

Adding more petals

10. Repeat the process two more times with the next two largest sets of three Petals. 

Adding more petals

11. Space each set slightly lower and between the Petals of the layer above.

Spacing each new row of petals

12. The last layer of Petals are the largest and a set of five. Tape these slightly lower than the layer above and space them equal distance from one another. 

Adding last layer of petals

13. The Leaves are prepared like the Petals. Refer to Steps 5-7 to construct the Leaves.

Finished leaf

14. Tape three Leaves underneath the Petals, equal distance from one another like the points of a triangle.

Adding leaves to poinsettia

15. Add another set of three Leaves underneath and spaced in between the layer above.

Adding remaining leaves

16. Continue wrapping the tape down the length of the stem, covering any wires still showing. Clip the stem at the desired height, approximately 1" above where the tape stops to prevent the tape from unraveling.

Wrapping and clipping stem

Plant your poinsettia in a pot, add to a wreath, bouquet or festive centerpiece!

Finished poinsettia

Finished poinsettia

Kelsey Linville, creator of In Bloom Felt Studio, is a self-taught felt florist who loves to brighten up spaces around the world with her bold and colorful forever blooms. Kelsey’s philosophy is that creativity sparks joy. She wishes to share that with others through her designs and tutorials. When she’s not in her studio, Kelsey loves to spend her time in the great outdoors with her husband and two children.