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Pom-pom Turkey Tutorial


Pom-pom Turkey tutorial

Kick off the holiday season with a pom parade! We've turned Tom Turkey into a "pom" turkey and the whole family is in on the fun. The main ingredients for this turkey are felt pom-poms and felt. Sounds delicious, right? Gather your family and supplies and let's get cooking!

Skill Level: Kids* / Beginner
Time: 30 minutes

*Please supervise children when using sharp tools and glue gun.

Project supplies

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Additional Supplies:

Turkey Pattern  (click to download)
Scallop Scissors - 10mm and 5mm  (optional)
Awl  (optional)
Hole Punch, Large and Small
Toothpick or Skewer  (optional)


1. Print Turkey Pattern onto cardstock and cut out. Use disappearing ink pen to trace pattern onto corresponding felt pieces and cut out.

a. TAILFEATHERS: Cut around circle pattern pieces with scalloped shears for additional flair (optional.) Use 10mm scallop shears for two larger circles and 5mm scallop shears for smallest circle.
b. EYES + HAT BUCKLE: Cut with hole punches – regular size for the eyes and small for the pupils and buckle.
c. BEAK + NECKTIE: Cut freehand.
d. FEET: Use a wire cutter to trim tinsel stem to 6”.

Turkey pieces

2. Use tacky glue to secure tailfeathers to one another in descending order. All three pieces should match up at the bottom center.

Gluing tailfeathers together

3. Make the top hat by rolling the Black rectangle tightly into a cylinder. Add a dab of tacky glue at the beginning and end of the roll to secure. The rectangle can be trimmed once desired size is reached. Glue cylinder to the top of the hat brim. Glue the buckle to the front.

Making felt tophat

4. Fold tinsel stem in half. 1” from the bend, use remaining length of stem to fold little feet on both sides. (See steps below.)

Making turkey legs from metallic stem

5. The turkey body is made of two Tangerine pom poms – one large and one small. The white collar is hot glued between the two poms where the neck would be. As an optional step, use an awl to put a hole in both poms and the center of the collar. Put a small length (1/2”) of a toothpick or skewer through the three pieces as you glue them together. This will provide extra stability.

Assembling turkey pom-pom body

6. Glue on the necktie. Use hot glue to attach the legs to the large Tangerine pom. Be sure to attach the legs so the turkey sits in the desired position.

Attaching legs to turkey body

7. With the turkey sitting upright, hot glue the tailfeathers to its lower back. Add the remaining features with tacky glue. The beak is made by folding the diamond in half and gluing the lower half to the face (small felt ball.)

Gluing pieces to turkey body

Your feathered friend is finished! These work great to make in batches alongside little helping hands. The supplies listed will yield 12 turkeys - you just need additional large Tangerine poms. Wouldn't they be adorable place settings for your Thanksgiving table?

Finished turkey

Let the pom parade begin! Happy holidays and happy crafting from Benzie Design.

Finished turkey

Thanks to Camille for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @notsomodernmillie or visit her website. Stay tuned for more tutorials!