Poppy Headband Tutorial

Posted by Renae Bradley on 30 January, 2017 4 comments

Poppy Headband TutorialSing, dance and hug like a sweet happy troll in our new DIY Poppy headband! 

Supplies for Trolls Party
Supplies to make 2 headbands:
12x18" sheet of Clover Felt
9x12" sheet in Peacock Felt 
A sharp Scissors
Optional: Freezer Paper & iron
Not shown: Sewing machine or embroidery thread

Pattern for Flower Headband

Step One: First make the base of the headband using a this tutorial. We used a sewing machine but we also offer a no-sew option too! 

Step Two: Print off your pattern. You can use basic copy paper and pin the paper to the felt and cut out around the pattern. We really like using freezer paper as it is printable and gives a smoother cut! To use print just like printer paper and lightly iron to felt (waxy side down). You can even reuse the pattern by ironing again! The Clover Felt we used for accent greenery and the Peacock felt for the flowers.
Crafts for Troll Party
Step Three: Cut out six flowers total. We layered two flower cut-outs together to give the headband a bit of dimension. 
Poppy Troll Felt Flowers
Step Four: 
Sandwich the green accent pieces between the flowers. Here you can decide to glue or sew the flowers together.  (Sewing tip: we like to mark the exact center with a disappearing pen -it helps us to sew more even lines!). Attach to the headband with glue and you're ready to be Princess Poppy!
Poppy Troll Costume diy


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  1. laura September 20, 2017

    thank you for your help with headband. i’m making one for my granddaughter. love your website.

  2. Daniela September 14, 2017

    This is perfect! My little babe is going to be Poppy for Halloween this year! Thank you!!
    Quick question…. how did you get her hair to look so perfect? Do you have a tutorial for that somewhere?
    Thanks again! We love all your amazing stuff :)

  3. Benzie Design August 31, 2017

    Mara -Poppy just makes everybody happy, enjoy!

  4. Mara February 06, 2017

    Love it! Thank you.