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Rainbow Mobile DIY


Rainbow Mobile Tutorial

We are pleased to bring you this project from new Benzie Design Maker Team member Sarah of @sariditty. Sarah is an artist, educator, quilter and fabric designer (phew!) so we were thrilled that she could find the time to share her talents with us. Her first Maker Team tutorial highlights some of our favorite Benzie supplies and is a nod to her newest fabric collection!

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 1 hour

Shop Supplies

Additional Supplies:

Flexible Tape Measure
Pencil or Pen
Electric Drill with Small Bit
Sandpaper or Sanding Block


1. Set aside the outer hoop with tightening screw. Using only the inner hoop and flexible tape measure, mark the Top and Bottom points of the hoop. Decide which point will be the Bottom (center) of the piece. Measure over 1 1/2" to the left and to the right and make a mark on the hoop. From the left point, measure over 2" to the left and mark. From the right point, measure over 2" to the right and mark.

Marking measurements on hoop

2. Use a small drill bit to carefully drill through these six marked points on the hoop. Place a piece of scrap wood underneath as a safety for the drill bit to hit once you're through the hoop. When all 6 holes are made, use sandpaper or a sanding block to smooth the wood on the interior and exterior of the hoop.

Drilling holes in hoop

3. Arrange Pot of Gold poms into five columns of ten in your color order of choice.

Arranging felt balls for stringing

4. Cut a 15"-18" piece of Pearle Cotton, and tie a double knot on one end. Trim away the tail. Thread the opposite end of the pearle cotton through a needle. Thread the needle through the bottom center hole from the inside of the hoop outward. String one column of poms onto the pearle cotton. Arrange the poms with preferred spacing between each pom. Mark on the thread tail with pen where to tie a knot. Carefully tie a double knot in the tail, and trim the excess. Slide the last pom down to the knot.

Stringing first strand of felt balls

5. Repeat with outermost left and right pom strings followed by left and right center pom strings. It's helpful to let the hoop hang centered with gravity to keep the poms in place.

Stringing remaining felt ball strands

6. Cut a 12"-15" length of pearle cotton, and tie a double knot in one end. String the needle on the opposite end and thread it through the bottom center of the Cheerful Bright Rainbow up through the top center. Now thread the needle through the bottom center of the Cloud up through the center.

Stringing center strand with rainbow and cloud felt poms

7. Hang hoop to allow it to center. Hold the Cloud/Rainbow string in the center of the hoop to determine proper length to allow the combo to freely dangle inside the hoop. Mark with a pen where to tie a knot at the top of the string on the inside of the hoop. Tie a double (or triple) knot. Thread the tail of the string through the hoop's top hole from the inside heading outward. Now thread the needle back down the top hole leaving a 3" loop on the outside of the hoop. Tie a knot around the knot previously tied. Clip the tail end of the string.

Centering rainbow and cloud strand in hoop

8. Tie a double knot in the looped string so the knot rests against the outside edge of the hoop.

Making hanging loop for mobile

9. Hang the mobile and carefully reposition any pom into place. 

Making final adjustments to mobile

You're ready to find a permanent home for your mobile. This piece can hang flat against a wall or from an overhead hook to freely swing in the air. An eternal rainbow for those cloudy days!

Completed rainbow mobile

Thanks to Sarah for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @sariditty or visit her website. Stay tuned for more tutorials from the Benzie Design Maker Team!