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Unicorn Headband Tutorial


unicorn costume diy

The favorite My Little Pony is Rarity at our house -and we made a headband to match! The best part is that all the pieces are removable -for those days that you want to be a unicorn... and for the days you don't (gasp!). 

Felt unicorn horn

You will need one 12x18" sheet of felt to create a felt base headband, a thin metal headband, one 9x12" sheet of felt to make the horn and ears and one sheet of heat vinyl transfer. Not pictured -polyfil, a sewing machine (or stitching tools) and an iron. We have an easy pattern for you to use too! You can also skip this step and just use our metallic felt -it's ready to go and you won't have to iron! 

diy metallic felt

Let's work on the fun part first! The unicorn horn! First cut out and iron-on a 4x4" piece of silver htv to your gray felt -or just grab a sheet a sheet of premade glitter or metallic felt over here. We go into detail on how to iron on metallic vinyl over here

Unicorn horn pattern pieces

Using the horn and ear pattern, cut out all the shapes. Cut the ears out of felt and the ear accents out of metallic vinyl. I used clothes pins to attach the pattern to the metallic felt as I didn't want to pierce the vinyl coating. I used pins to attach the rest of the patterns. 

felt unicorn horn

Going back to the horn, fold it in half (metallic sides facing) and machine or handstitch the edges. To make the horn removable stitch the two circles together by stitching two lines about the width of your headband apart. Our headband is about a 1/2" wide. 

Unicorn horn how-to

Turn the horn inside-out -it's a little stiff so feel free to use a dowel or a pencil to help turn it. Stuff with polyfil and stitch the circle base one being sure to keep an opening for the headband to slide through. 

metallic unicorn horn

Finish the horn by stitching embroidery thread through the top edge and securing along the backside with every turn. 

animal ears headband

Finish up the ears by ironing on the silver metallic as accents, fold backsides together and stitch around the ear -making sure to leave an opening to fit the headband though. 

rarity unicorn diy

Grab your headband; we like our felt covered headband diy and slide the ears and horn on! 
Rarity pony headband

rarity costume for girls

Unicorn headband craft