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Felt Rolled Rose Tutorial


Simple Rolled Rose tutorial

Do you have an interest in creating felt florals? The Rolled Rose is the easiest and quickest one to create! If you own a manual die cut machine, Benzie's Rolled Rose, Sepals and Floral Fringe dies will make quick work of cutting the felt pieces. The supply list below also includes SVG files that can be used as tracing templates or with an electronic cutting machine. This beautiful and simple flower is a rewarding DIY for the beginner as well as the seasoned crafter. 

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 1 hour

Rolled Rose deep etch die with finished example

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1. Cut out the shapes. This can be accomplished with our deep etch dies or with the SVG files above and scissors or electronic cutting machine. If cutting by hand, try our favorite freezer paper method for pattern transfers!

Cutting out felt floral pieces

2. Roll those roses! Take the end of the spiral (which is found on the outside of the rose) and wrap around itself, securing with hot glue as you go. Change the look by adjusting the rolling tension. A tight roll will make a small flower. A loose roll will make a larger flower.

Rolling the felt rose

Small and Large Roses - Use half of the Rolled Rose template to make a small bud or add two rolled flowers together to make an extra large rose.

Finished roses in varying sizes

Rolled Rose with Centers - Another way to change the shape of the flower is to add in poms and stamens to the center. Instead of wrapping the rose around itself, wrap it around a pom instead.

Rolled roses with pom centers

Rolled Rose on a Stem - Add the flowers to a stem! Wrap the rolled rose end directly around the stem or add a pom first. For a pom center, use an awl to pierce the pom, place hot glue in the opening and insert the stem.

Rolled roses on stems

Sepals - For a finishing touch, add Sepals to the underside of the flower or to the stem as leaves.

Adding sepals to roses

We hope you enjoy making these easy and elegant flowers. Remember - felt flowers last forever!

Finished rolled roses