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Stuffing Stitchable Letters


Stuffed Stitchable Letters tutorial

Our large Stitchable Alphabet Dies (B, H, O and X) are some of our favorite new products and we're excited to show you all the ways they can be used! We're going to start by demonstrating how to stuff them if you are adding them to a garland. They don't require much fluff, but it might take a minute to figure out how to put all the pieces together with the stuffing inside. These tips make it easy as A, B, C!

Skill Level: Beginner
Time: 20 minutes

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These alphabet dies are ready to go right out of the package and do not require any cutting. Do not seperate the inside parts from the B and O.

Stitchable alphabet dies and supplies

1. Use the die and cutting machine to cut two of each letter desired for the front and back.

Cutting two of each letter from felt

Letters With Interior Cuts - B + O

2. Begin by completely stitching around the interior openings. In this example, we are using a running stitch. Learn about how we recommend sewing our stitchable dies in this tutorial.

Stitching interior of letter O

3. Start sewing around the perimeter in the same manner, but stop a quarter of the way around. Use a stuffing tool to add small amounts of stuffing into the enclosed portion. Adding a clip to the beginning stitch will help to hold the stuffing (and stitching) in place.

Beginning stitching around exterior

4. Continue to stitch around the perimeter, stopping each quarter to add more stuffing. Be gentle while using the stuffing tool and do not overfill!

Stuffing letter O

For the B, stop at more frequent intervals to add stuffing to enclosed spaces. You can also come from different directions with the stuffing tool.

5. When you are 1" from the beginning stitch, remove clip and add final bits of stuffing. Stitch closed. If you are using a running stitch, go around the perimeter one more time to fill in every other space.

Stitching letter closed

Letters Without Interior Cuts - H + X

6. Since there is only perimeter stitching for these letters, begin by stitching one "leg" of the letter and stuffing before moving on. Adding a clip to the beginning stitch will help to hold the stuffing (and stitching) in place.

Stitching diagram for H and X

Stuffing first leg of letter H

7. At the last "leg," stitch along one side and foot and add stuffing bit by bit as you stitch the last sides closed. 

Stuffing last section of letter H

If you want a continuous running stitch with no blank spaces, turn at the last (first stitch) and continue the running stitch in the opposite direction.

Finished letter H

Your letters are properly plumped and ready to display! To add stuffed letters to a garland, simply thread string through the back piece of felt and slide into place.

Finished stuffed letters