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Ice cream tote bag tutorial

September 22nd is National Ice Cream Cone Day! We're celebrating by making this yummy tote bag from Maker Team member Karla of @mochi_mx. Karla brings all her usual flavor to this tutorial making it an absolute treat!

This ice cream tote bag is perfect for bringing color and joy to your everyday life. You can use it for all your crafty supplies, books, groceries or just for a walk in the park. Choose any felt flavors and make it as tall as you want! The sky's the limit - or in this case, the tote bag. I hope you enjoy making this tote in the company of a big bowl of ice cream!

Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Time: 2 hours

Project supplies


Canvas Tote Bag
9 x 12" Confetti! Wool Blend Felt Palette
One 9 x 12" sheet of Thistle Wool Blend Felt
5mm Thick Felt or Cardboard
One ounce of Oats Corriedale Wool Roving
One ounce of Rose Corriedale Wool Roving
Needle Felting Pen
Needle Felting Foam
Tapestry Wool - Coral, Thistle, and Dandelion shown
Embroidery Thread in Coordinating Colors
Embroidery Needle
Amethyst Iridescent Sequins
Pin Back
Ice Cream Template PDF  (click to download)


1. Download, print and cut out the Ice Cream template above.

Printing and cutting out pattern pieces

2. Cut all the wool blend felt pieces. Make sure the shapes are facing opposite ways for the Pin. You will need:

Pin - (2) shape G from Coral, (1) shape H from Thick felt or cardboard

Ice Cream Cone - (1) shape A from Oats

Ice Cream - (1) shape B from Julep, (1) shape C from Pistachio, (1) Shape D from Dandelion, (1) shape E from Guava, (1) shape F from Thistle

Cutting out felt ice cream pieces

3. Cut out the black shapes of the needle felting templates for the ice cream cone and cookie.

Preparing needle felting template

Now it's time to begin!

Cookie Pin

4. Place the felt cookie (G) on the needle felting foam with the needle felting cookie template on top. Secure it with pins. Use this as a guide for needle felting the eyes and mouth. 

5. Seperate a small amount of Oats wool roving. Punch it several times vertically with the needle felting pen. Remove the template. Make additional punches if necessary.

6. Stitch the pin back to the other felt cookie shape (G).

Needle felting cookie details

7. Place the two cookie shapes together, right sides facing out with the thick felt between them. Stitch around the cookie.

Stitching together felt cookie pieces

Ice Cream Cone

8. We can make thread with the Rose wool roving by carding wool. One way to prepare the wool roving is to place it on a paddle and brush the wool back and forth between another paddle. Repeat 2-3 times. Remove the roving. Take one end and pull it while rubbing the wool between your fingers. Put the wool between both palms and rub to make the length of thread.

Making thread from wool roving

9. Place the felt cone (A) on the needle felting foam with the needle felting cone template on top. Secure it with pins. Use this as a guide for needle felting the cone details. 

10. Use the Rose wool roving thread and punch it several times vertically with the needle felting pen. Remove the template. Make additional punches if necessary.

Needle felting the felt ice cream cone

11. On the bottom half of the cone, place the wool roving thread diagonally in both directions. Punch with the needle felting pen until you are satisfied with the final result. 

Adding needle felted details to cone

Ice Cream

12. Lay out the felt shapes on the tote bag. When you have the perfect position, secure shape B to the tote with a straight pin. I recommend putting some cardboard inside the tote so you don't stitch through to the back.

Positioning felt pieces on tote bag

13. Stitch felt shape B to the tote, followed by C, D, and E. Overlap each shape slightly.

Stitching ice cream scoop shapes

14. Before attaching the final felt scoop (F), stitch on some sequins for a little sparkle.

Adding sequins to felt ice cream scoop

15. Stitch shape F on top, slightly overlapping E. Pin the cookie at the top of the scoops and we are almost done!

Finishing felt ice cream cone


16. Cut a winding board from heavy cardstock or cardboard. The length of the board will be the length of the finished tassel. Wind the tapestry wool around the board in taut loops until you reach desired fullness.

17. Take an additional length of wool and thread it into a tight knot around the middle of the looped thread. Keep these ends pulled upward and leave the wound ends facing downward.

18. Pull the wound wool off the cardboard and cut through the looped ends. Adjust into a tassel shape.

19. Cut another length of wool to wrap the tassel neck. Wrap it tightly around the tassel with two loops. Trim tassel ends so they are even.

Making a tassel from tapestry wool

20. Make two additional tassels of different colors and use the tie-off thread on top of the bottom tassel to thread the three together.

Attaching wool tassels

21. Use the same tie-off thread to tie the tassels to the tote handle and you are finished!

Attaching tassels to tote bag

Yay, you've just made a new tote! Don't waste any more time and walk down the street showing off your new and unique tote bag made by YOU. Take pictures of your new favorite bag and share it with us on Instagram @benziedesign.

Finished ice cream tote bag

Gracias to Karla for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @mochi_mx or visit her website. Stay tuned for more Benzie Design Maker Team tutorials from Karla and the rest of the team!