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Easy Macrame Wreath


How to make a macrame wreath

Create a beautiful Macrame Wreath with just one simple knot! This wreath uses a Macrame Half Knot repeatedly tied around a metal ring. In traditional Macrame you would use three ropes for this knot. However, in this project the metal ring takes the place of one of the ropes and you will tie knots with two ropes around the metal ring. As you tie the Half Knot around the metal ring and repeat tying the same knot over and over again, the knots will begin to spiral and it will create an interesting and unique design! Make sure you always tie the Half Knot in the same direction to create the spiral (in this photo tutorial each Half Knot begins with the rope on the left side of the ring). Give Macrame a try -it is so much fun! 

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To make the flowers we used Benzie felt colors in Oats, Rosewood, Raspberry and Sage along with extra small and small poms in Orchid, Graphite and Blush. They are super easy to make, grab the tutorial

step by step macrame

how to half knot a wreath

Photo 1: Tape two ends of rope (you'll want two equal lengths) to the ring. Another starting technique (not pictured here) is to take the full length of rope (not cut to two equal lengths), find the middle and wrap it behind one point on the ring so it is halved and two equal lengths of rope are on either side of the ring, then tie a simple knot around the ring.

Photo 2: Make a backward D shape with the rope on the left and take the rope over the top of the ring and under the rope on the right.

Photo 3: Take the rope from the right side of the ring and pass it under the ring, through the backward D shape hole and over the top of the rope on the left.

Photo 4: Pull both lengths of rope tight to form the Half Knot.

Repeat this same Half Knot (photo steps 2-4) over and over again around the metal ring. The knots will spiral around the ring to create a beautiful design. When the entire ring is full of knots, cut your rope ends leaving just enough length to securely glue the ends into the knots on the back of the wreath. We recommend using a hot glue gun for this.

Watch our video tutorial for the macrame portion of this project!

Flower and Macrame Wreath

Arrange and hot glue your finished flowers. Check out our flower tutorial here

flower macrame wall hanging 
Wreath designed and crafted by Benzie Team member Crystal Knerien.