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Felt Pasta Dinner Tutorial


What better way to enjoy extra time at home with family than to get busy in the play kitchen and throw a felt food dinner party! If you're feeling hungry for some pasta, here's a super simple, family-friendly pasta dinner tutorial that's sure to hit the spot from Benzie Design Maker Team member Val at Bébé Bon Vivant!

Skill Level: Kid friendly, beginner

Supply List:
Red Wool Blend Felt, one sheet of 12x18
Red Coordinating DMC Embroidery Floss, Number 321
Moss Wool Blend Felt, one sheet of 12x18
Moss Coordinating DMC Embroidery Floss, Number 580
Butter Wool Blend Felt, one sheet of 12x18
Medium Acorn Brown Felt Poms, 3-5 per serving
White Seed Beads
Embroidery Needles

Make the Pasta

Cut strands of felt approximately 1cm wide and 30cm (12") long. It's ok if these aren't perfectly straight, so this is a fun task for younger family members to lend a helping hand. Plan for 10-12 strands per serving (bowl of pasta) and, when draped loosely in a circle, these look like tagliatelle, our favorite fresh pasta!

Make the Basil

Cut a slightly rounded leaf (approximately 2"), with a little tail at the bottom to form the stem from green felt. Use your green embroidery floss and embroidery needle for a back stitch to add the veins of the basil. Turn leaf over, pinch the edges of the stem together, and secure them with a couple of whip stitches. When you turn your leaf back over, the stem will have a more realistic basil look.

Make the Cherry Tomatoes

Cut three circles, approximately 1.5" each, of red felt per tomato. Tip: You can use Benzie's seed bead container to trace your circles. Cut two half-moons out of the first red circle, then layer it onto the second uncut red circle. Using your red embroidery floss and embroidery needles, secure the two pieces together with a few whip stitches along the half-moon cut outs. Next, add three to four tomato seed in the center of each cut out using a few stitches of light colored thread or using white seed beads. Finally, add the third piece of red felt backing to the tomato and secure the edges using a whip stitch.

Add the Meatballs

This is the easiest part! Once your pasta, tomatoes, and basil are done, toss in a few Acorn Brown medium sized poms. There's no sewing required and they look just like meatballs!

Here's what all the ingredients of your felt pasta dinner should look like right before they're ready to serve:

Congratulations! You've finished your felt pasta dinner! This project is perfect for little hands to help with, and even better for them to play with. Let your young children's imaginations run wild and play chef for some of their favorite stuffed friends! 

Thanks to Val from Bébé Bon Vivant for designing and writing this family-friendly tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @bebebonvivant, and stay tuned for more Benzie Design Maker Team tutorials from Val and the rest of the Team each week!