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Felt Frame Tutorial


Summer Photo Frame Tutorial

This bright and fun tutorial is a perfect representation of new Benzie Design Maker Team member Susana's sunny personality. Susana is the face behind @gazaposcraft and makes joyful creations with sweet details - just like this felt frame. We are so excited for you to meet her!

When Summer is here, we celebrate the warm, sunny days with friends and family on the beach, in the lake or in our own backyards. These moments must be remembered! What better than a photograph to always keep this moment in mind? Let's design ourselves a picture frame that evokes how much fun we have in Summer.

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 9 Hours

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Additional Supplies:

Frame Template  (click to download)
Shapes Template  (click to download)


1. Select felt colors to match the example project or combine different colors you like from the Pot of Gold felt palette.

2. Download and print the Frame Template above. Cut the felt sheets and interfacing as marked.

3. Use an iron to attach the interfacing to the felt pieces. The glue side of the interfacing should be directly on the felt. Make sure to heat each section of interfacing well so it is secure. Be careful using the hot iron! 

Ironing interfacing to felt

4. Once the interfacing is attached, it is time to sew the frame. Prepare by stacking the felt pieces in this order (bottom to top): Magenta Back (interface side up), Flamingo Back, then Magenta Frame (interface side down.) Blanket stitch through all three layers along the top, left and bottom sides with Magenta floss. You can use clips to hold the sides while you sew. 

Stitching around frame border

5. After you sew to the end of the bottom edge, move your needle beneath the Magenta Frame and blanket stitch the last side - but only through the Flamingo and Magenta Backs to leave an opening for pictures.

Stitching frame opening

6. Place the Foot pieces together (interface in the middle) and blanket stitch around the perimeter with Magenta floss.

7. Glue the top of the Foot to the back of the frame as shown. Hold it in place until the glue is dry.

Gluing foot to frame

8. With the others felt colors, make your summer shapes to decorate the frame. You can use the Shape Template above or draw your own!

Felt summer shapes

9. Once you have your shapes, embroider details or give them more volume with contrasting felt. Sew on details with differents colors of floss.

Embroidering felt summer shapes

Also, use the glue pen to add sequins as shown.

Adding sequins to felt summer shapes

10. Glue the finished shapes to the front Frame, making sure not to close off or glue beyond the inner border.

Gluing felt embellishments to frame

Enjoy making this craft! Decorate your nightstand or desk with your best Summer memories. Enjoy the sun!

Finished felt summer photo frame

Thanks to Susana for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @gazaposcraft or visit her website. Stay tuned for more tutorials from the Benzie Design Maker Team!