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Felt Popcorn Tutorial


Felt Popcorn Tutorial

Popcorn is the perfect snack - salty and buttery, crunchy, and you can eat about a hundred at a time. And now it’s also the perfect felt tutorial! Laura Hopper of @sonicstitches walks you through how to make this delicious snack in this felt popcorn tutorial. Top it off with a cute popcorn bucket for fun and imaginative play!

Skill Level: Beginner
Time: About 10 minutes per piece

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Additional Supplies:

Popcorn Template  (click to download)
Freezer Paper - optional

NOTE: The supplies above will make 72 pieces of popcorn. If you’d like to make more, be sure to buy one brown felt sheet for each yellow felt sheet.


1. Print the Popcorn Templates above on freezer paper. To make 72 pieces, print out two outer piece sheets per yellow felt sheet, and a total of six inner piece sheets for the brown felt. Iron them onto the corresponding felt colors using medium heat. Cut along the template lines.

Each piece of popcorn is made using one inner piece and one outer piece. Cut 72 brown inner pieces and 24 outer pieces of each yellow color. Using different shades of yellow felt will give the popcorn the same dimension seen in real butter popcorn.

Cutting out pattern pieces

2. Pair each brown inner piece with a yellow outer piece. To begin, lay one brown inner piece on top of a yellow outer piece with the pedals offset as shown below.

Pairing outer and inner popcorn pieces

3. Stitch a loose running stitch in a circle around the two felt pieces. Be sure to begin by bringing the needle down from the brown felt as shown below. The beginning and end knots of the thread should both be on the brown side.

Adding running stitch around felt pieces

For the final stitch of the circle, bring the needle up just past the first knot. Leave the tail of the thread and do not knot it off.

Completing running stitch around popcorn pieces

4. Gently tug the thread so that the felt pieces curl up. Holding your thumb in the center of the circle while pulling the thread can help create the popcorn shape.

Pulling thread to form popcorn shape

5. Keeping the thread as taught as possible, tie it off using 2-3 knots. Snip the thread.

Tying off thread around popcorn kernel

6. Using snips or a small blunt tool like chopsticks, tuck the knot tails into the popcorn.

Tucking thread inside popcorn

7. Shape the popcorn if needed, and keep making these felt kernels pop!

Shaped popcorn kernels

These little kernels are so easy, I bet you can’t make just one!

FInished popcorn in bucket

Finished popcorn in bucket

Thanks to Laura for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @sonicstitches or visit her website. Stay tuned for more tutorials!