Pom Poms

Hexagon Pom-Pom Coasters


hexagon pom coasters

If you're familiar with felt balls, you know they are amazing little round balls of crafty, felted sweetness. At Benzie we call them pom-poms because they are felt balls of cheer! Today, we're going to use our smallest pom-poms and cork to make ourselves a set of cozy coasters.

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Additional Supplies:

Cork or Matte Board, 1/8" thick
Hexagon Pattern  (click to download)


1. To make the base for the coasters, trace the Hexagon Pattern above onto cork or heavy matte board. Cut with scissors or a precision knife.

fall ball coasters

2. In the middle of the hexagon, hot glue nine poms down the center. It comes together quickly when drawing one long strip of glue down the middle and lining up poms one after another.

3. Continue filling in the poms on each side. This example used 61 poms but yours could vary slightly since some poms run larger or smaller then 1cm.

felt pom coaster

4. Add poms until you've reached all the edges of the hexagon. Your coaster is ready to use!

felt ball coasters

Try different color combinations or make a large one for a trivet. Use the tag #benziefelt to share your finished projects.