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Hygge Candle Ornament tutorial

Welcome to Christmas in July! For this tutorial, Maker Team member Kim of @franandjudy is bringing her dazzling use of colors and shapes to a folk-inspired ornament. Kim's thorough instructions make this detailed design easy to achieve. The only hard part will be choosing which colorway is your favorite!

Layered felt shapes produce a folksy glow from this holiday candle creating a very hygge mood, the Danish word for cozy. The Glitter and Glass wool blend felt pallet will allow for three variations of this ornament to be created to keep for your tree or for gifting! It is Christmas in July, so get a head start on your holiday crafts with Benzie felt!

Skill Level: Kid Friendly

Time: 2 hours

Project supplies

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Additional Supplies:

Ornament Template  (click to download)


1. Print the Ornament Template above on freezer paper. Make sure to print on the dull side of the freezer paper. Each ornament is comprised of:

1 Base
1 Candle Stick
1 Candle Holder decorated with 4 Stripes
1 Flame
1 Large Circle
4 Large Diamonds
5 Small Circles
4 Small Diamonds
3 Small Interior Diamonds
8 Small Hearts

Pattern pieces

2. Cut out the color sections on the lines. The color name at the top of each section indicates which felt color to iron the template onto. Note: This is a kid friendly project, but please supervise children using irons and sharp scissors.

Cutting out pattern pieces

3. Iron on freezer paper to felt. Make sure there is no water in your iron. Preheat your iron on cotton high for about five minutes. Match each template with the corresponding colors. Place the shiny side down on the felt with the template illustrations facing up.

Ironing patterns onto felt

4. Trim excess felt from around each of the templates.

Trimming excess felt

5. Cut out all the shapes and peel off freezer paper template. When finished, use scrap felt to cut out four small stripes in Moss, four small stripes in Swan, and four small stripes in Strawberry. These will be placed on the candle bases.

Cutting out felt pieces

6. Sort shapes into each project. (See chart below.)

Candle color chart

7. Measure out 12" of red and white twine. Line up the ends of the twine and make a knot half way down (at 3") creating a loop.

Making string loop

Glue the ends of the twine in between the base and large circle. Repeat two more times for the other two ornaments.

Gluing string loop to ornament top

8. Begin layering pieces and gluing together with tacky glue. Glue all of the diamonds, hearts, and small circles onto the large circle first. Next, glue the candle stick on top of the circle. The top of the candle stick should be placed just below the center of the circle. Place the candle holder base on top of the candle stick to secure it. Lastly, glue the four stripes to the candle base and the flame just above the candle stick. Don’t worry, the glue dries clear. Let dry completely for several hours or overnight.

Gluing ornament pieces together

9. Using a darner needle, pull one small felt ball through the looped twine and tie a knot at the top to secure. Repeat two more times for the other two ornaments.

Adding felt ball to ornament top

Time to enjoy a cozy moment with your Hygge Holiday Candle Ornament! Keep one for your holiday decorating and gift the others to spread the hygge holiday cheer!

Finished candle ornaments

Experiment with your remaining pieces of felt to make other ornaments - the tops of these candles would make some fun colorful snowflakes! Happy crafting!

Finished ornament detail

Thanks to Kim for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @franandjudy or visit her website. Stay tuned for more Christmas in July tutorials every day this week!