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Lupin Fields Tutorial


Lupin Fields Tutorial

Lupins, also known as lupines or bluebonnets, are a type of wildflower native to North America. The telltale look is a tall, showy spire of flowers that can come in a multitude of colors. These bold and colorful blooms are easy to recreate in felt and make a big impact too!

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 1 hour

Project supplies

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Additional Supplies:

Spring Action Scissors - optional


1. Grab the Lupin Pattern to make a template or to use with an electronic cutting machine. To give the flowers a realistic two-toned look, select a lighter color for the top segment and a darker color for the bottom segment.

Pattern pieces cut from felt

2. Apply a line of glue along the long edge of each floral piece. Fold the felt together lengthwise.

Fold and glue felt floral strips in half

3. Start with the smaller cone (or the top of the flower) and cut very small snips, spacing them out as you move down the cone. These make the loops of the lupin. Spring loaded scissors makes for quick work of this step!

Cutting slits in flower cones

4. Take the smaller felt cone (top) and attach it to the tip of the stem with glue. Continue to glue the edge of the felt as you spiral around the stem.

Applying flower fringe to stem

5. Continue adding the fringed piece around the perimeter of the wire. Apply the larger felt cone right after the smaller one.

Adding second color of felt fringe to stem

6. Slightly overlap and hot glue the leaves to the stem about 2" below the base of the flower.

7. Use an applicator to lightly highlight the flower tips with pan pastels. This will really make the florals pop! 

Adding dimension with pan pastel

Your wildflower is finished. But why have a single flower when you can have a field? Happy planting, I mean, crafting!

Finished lupin flowers