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Felt Poinsettia Trivet Tutorial


Poinsettia Trivet tutorial

Poinsettias are a traditional Christmas plant that you'll see adorning tables and porches all through the month of December. With proper care, this festive plant can last into the new year - but it won't last as long as this stunning felt version! Maker Team member Sarah of @sariditty has created a felt poinsettia that can be used as a trivet or decoration for your wall or tabletop. The vibrant felt colors and shapes give the impression of a poinsettia's layered leaves. We think this would be a wonderful neighbor gift. It doesn't even need water! Grab your supplies and let's get started on a poinsettia trivet!

Skill Level: Intermediate
Time: 4 hours

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Additional Supplies:

Poinsettia Pattern  (click to download)
Sewing Machine - optional


1. The Poinsettia Pattern has three bloom shapes: Large Petal, Curved Petal and Small Petal. Print the pattern above at 100% and cut out and trace each shape onto cardstock, cardboard, or a mylar stencil sheet.

2. Trace and cut felt as follows:
(4) Large Petals from Red
(4) Curved Petals from Moss
(4) Curved Petals from Carmine
(4) Curved Petals from Cranberry
(8) Small Petals from Strawberry

One point of each petal shape has flattened edges to ensure a proper fit in the center of each poinsettia bloom. The finished project has a diameter of 14".

3. Cut small strips of Heat & Bond about 2 x 1/2". Arrange the (4) Red Large Petals to point North-South-East-West ensuring the flattened points are pointing toward the center. Then arrange the (4) Moss Curved Petals to fit in between each Red petal. Gently adhere the Heat & Bond pieces over the seam connections using an iron. Repeat with the (8) Strawberry Small Petals (joining at flattened edges) and fit in (4) Carmine and (4) Cranberry Curved Petals between each of the Small Petals. Gently adhere Heat & Bond pieces to connect the seams.

Securing petal formations with Heat & Bond

4. If using a sewing machine, you can add a zig-zag stitch along the seams of each blossom layer. It adds security (and pizzazz!) to the petal seams. If you are not using a sewing machine, wait until after the next step to add decorative hand stitching.

Adding zig zag stitching to secure petals

5. Place one poinsettia bloom on top of the Peltex Fusible and trace around the perimeter. Cut out the shape 1/8" inside the traced line. Repeat by tracing the Peltex cutout shape on the Peltex for a second fusible bloom. Cut this about 1/8" inside the traced line (1/4" smaller than the original felt bloom.) Place the fusible side of the first Peltex shape onto the backside of the green/red bloom. Press in place. Repeat with the second Peltex shape onto the backside of the red/red/pink bloom. Press in place.

Cutting interfacing for back of poinsettia

6. With a machine or by hand, add decorative running stitches, blanket stitches or backstitches to further secure the Peltex and also add a little flair to each leaf/petal.

Adding decorative stitching to poinsettia blooms

7. Add accents to the center of the bloom using gold thread and sequins. Use a variety of hand stitch types - pistil stitch, long and short stitch or scattered seed stitch - to emphasize the center of the poinsettia.

Adding sequins to poinsettia center

8. Place the top bloom layer over the bottom leaf/bloom layer and offset the top to fit the petal points in between the bottom layer petal/leaf points. Add a bit of glue under the top layer to permanently adhere to the two layers. Allow glue to dry completely.

Placing top and bottom blooms together

To hang this piece on the wall, simply add a thread loop to the back to hang on a hook. You can also lay it flat and use it as a seasonal trivet for a yummy dessert or under a potted plant.

Finished felt poinsettia

Mine is the new base for our advent wreath and potted succulents!

Finished felt poinsettia as trivet

Thanks to Sarah for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @sariditty or visit her website. Stay tuned for more tutorials from the Benzie Design Maker Team!