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Glam Ice Cream Cones


Never mind the ice cream truck's melodic call, we're busy making our own Glam Ice Cream Cones! This new tutorial from Maker Team member Lucy of @moseycreative is a perfect representation of Lucy's commitment to help children experience the joy of music, play and creativity. We love the way the ice cream scoops can be mixed and matched. We guarantee that the recipients of this felt food will come up with better combinations than we could ever imagine! Let's get the full scoop from Lucy on how to make glam ice cream cones.

These Glam Ice Cream Cones can be mixed, matched, scooped and stacked with the help of Benzie’s Super Strong Magnets! This felt food is quick to stitch and can easily be customized to resemble all of your favorite flavors. Whether they’re a staple in your child’s play kitchen or displayed across your mantle, there’s plenty of colorful fun to be had. Complete with some Bugle Bead sprinkles and you’re really in for a whimsical treat!

Skill Level: Beginner
Time: 2.5 Hours per cone

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Additional Supplies:

Ice Cream Cone Pattern  (click to download)
Ice Cream Cone Cut Template, for electronic cutting machines  (click to download)

The Sprinkles felt and floss palettes are included in the Supply List. The Pixie Dust and Be Mine felt palettes also contain great ice cream colors!


1. Print and/or trace Cone Pattern above onto dull side of freezer paper, then iron the shiny side to felt. Cut all pieces from felt. Alternatively, cut out felt pieces using SVG cutting file above with an electronic cutting machine. 

2. To ensure finished pieces stack correctly, label each side of Super Strong Magnets with either one or two dots. Opposites attract, so 1+2 will stick together and 1+1 or 2+2 will repel one another. Use E6000 Glue to adhere the magnets to the Scoop Top (2), Scoop Base (1) and Cone Top (2). For metallic felt, glue magnets to the wrong side. Try to keep pieces separate from one another until fully dried and cured. All Scoops should be able to stack/stick on top of Cones as well as other Scoops.

NOTE: Magnets pose a safety risk to children if ingested or inhaled. Even though the completed item will have magnets securely glued and enclosed in felt, play should be supervised as an extra precaution.

3. Use a pen and ruler to trace both the “Overlap / Seam Allowance” line and “1/2-inch Grid Backstitch Guide” on the wrong side of Cone Base. Use two strands of contrasting floss to backstitch the grid, remembering that the marked side is the wrong side.

4. Wrap Cone Base into shape, lining up the “Overlap / Seam Allowance” line with outer edge. Clip in place. Wonder Clips prevent unnecessary holes in metallic felt.

Starting at the bottom, poke needle through the wrong side of Cone’s tip, to hide knot, and reinforce with a few whipstiches. Continue whipstitching entire Cone seam.

Stuff with Polyfil until firm, adding small bits at a time. A stuffing tool is useful in this step.

5. Whipstitch Cone Top to Cone Base so the magnet will be hidden inside. With about 1" left to stitch, add more Polyfil to ensure firmness.

To tie off, create a knot then poke needle into Cone (near the knot) and back out at random point on the Cone. Trim floss close and loose ends will disappear within the stuffing. For metallic felt, exit needle through backstitches to avoid additional holes.

6. With right sides together, line up and whipstitch each dart (“V” cut-out shape) on Scoop Top using two strands of matching floss. Turn cup shape right side out.

7. If your flavor will include sprinkles/toppings, thread a beading needle with one strand of embroidery floss, pulling halfway through and knotting both floss ends together. Stitch on desired amount of beads. Tie a knot or sew reinforcement stitches on either side of each bead to strengthen.

8. Stuff Scoop Top with Polyfil until approximately 2/3 full. Use running stitch to sew along open edge, cinching as you go. Continue adding Polyfil to ensure firmness, then pull thread tight and tie off. Circular opening should be just slightly smaller than Scoop Base.

9. Whipstitch Scoop Base to Scoop Top (with magnet hidden inside) and tie off.

10. Use running stitch to sew along inner edge of Scoop Ruffle, cinching significantly as you go. Pull thread tight so inner circle is roughly the same size as Scoop Base and tie off.

Whipstitch Scoop Ruffle along edge of Scoop Base and tie off, concealing the floss ends using the same method used in Step 5.

Voilà and bon appétit!

Stack your cone high with scoops of glam felt ice cream! Repeat the tutorial with different color combinations to create additional flavors, then consider celebrating your beautiful accomplishment with a scoop of (real) ice cream!

Thanks to Lucy for designing and writing this tutorial! You can see more of her work on Instagram @moseycreative and on her website. Stay tuned for more tutorials from the Benzie Design Maker Team!