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Snowflake Ornaments using Stitched Dies


felt snowflake ornament diy

We collaborated with Neat & Tangled and designed a stitchable Snowflake die with the capabilities to be simple or elaborate -using any combination of the 4 shapes included in the die! In our specific design we added a bit of our metallic felt + sequins to make a beautiful decoration for your tree, a gift topper or even a special gift. The added shimmer from the metallics and sequins makes them sparkle like snow! 

supplies for christmas ornaments

Grab your supplies:

-Snowflake Die
-Benzie's wool felt colors Silver, Icicle, Blush and Aqua
-Metallic felt in Silver and Blush
-Sequins in Silver and Beads in Silver Iridescent
-Divisible Embroidery Floss in Parchment and Blush
-Beading Needle
-Metallic floss (for ornament hanger), we used Silver
-Tacky glue

die cutting ornaments

If you are new to die cutting, read up on this post. All of Benzie's Neat & Tangled dies are wafer thin dies and will need a platform to cut on. Concerning cutting, some find it helpful to run the dies through your cutter one extra time to get a clean edge -other then that they will cut just like paper (even the metallic felt)! Start cutting out snowflakes and play around with the layers! 

snowflake ornaments

Here is an example of how we layered one of the snowflakes. The best part of the die is that all the stitch holes are designed to be interchangeable with each other -so layer and twist however you wish and it will still line up to make a beautiful ornament!

Once you have found how you want to layer your snowflake -thread your needle. We used 3 strands of floss for most of our snowflakes. We added beads and sequins last with one strand of floss. Don't forget you will need a beading needle for this! Read up more on stitching with beads + sequins here! To finish the ornament off, we lightly tacky glued a second snowflake to the back and including a metallic floss hanger. This hides our stitching mess too! 

snowflake ornaments to make

We love the different varieties that we were able to make with just 4 colors of felt -the additional two shades of metallic just make it shine! All were stitched with just one color of Parchment DMC floss

embroidery snowflake ornament

Here is a more simple snowflake that highlights the embroidery -adding some sequins makes it so delicate and pretty! We used 4 strands of DMC floss in Blush for the embroidery and just one strand to stitch on the beads and sequins. 

snowflake christmas ornaments

handstitched snowflakes

Have a happy winter!