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Transferring Patterns to Felt


Transferring patterns to felt tutorial

Sometimes it's the simple techniques in crafting that elude us. We are delighted to welcome author Aimee Ray of @aimee_littledear to teach us one of those techniques. Here are a few tips to make transferring pattern pieces and embroidery designs to felt quick and easy!

Time: 10 minutes (not including stitching time)

Skill Level: Beginner



Printed Paper Pattern and Embroidery Design
Lead Pencil
Tracing Paper
Stick Pins


1. Begin by printing out your pattern pieces on ordinary printer paper and cutting them apart loosely. Don’t cut right on the lines yet. Leave a 1/4" border around the pattern lines.

Cutting out paper pattern

2. Pin each paper piece in place onto felt. Now cut out the pieces on the pattern lines, through paper and felt together. Once all of your felt pieces are cut out, stitch them together according to the pattern. Now you’re ready to add embroidery!

Cutting out felt pieces

3. Place a piece of tracing paper over the printed embroidery design and trace it using a pencil.

Tracing embroidery patterns onto tissue paper

4. Pin the tracing paper in place on the felt and embroider the design through both layers.

Embroidering through tissue template

5. When you’re done stitching, gently tear away the tracing paper. (I find this part really satisfying!) You may need to use the tip of the needle to pull out bits from under your stitches.

Removing tissue template

All done! I hope you find these techniques useful and have fun sewing with felt!

Finished embroidered felt fox

Thank you to Aimee Ray for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @aimee_littledear or visit her website.