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Easy Felt Monstera Leaf


DIY Monstera leaf

These big leaves from the Monstera plant are so easy to make! Cut out a single large leaf for a simple accent or make a whole vase of them. They will brighten up any corner in your house!

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PDF Pattern or SVG Pattern 


1. Prepare the Monstera pattern above. We provided a couple of different sizes but you can scale the pattern to the size you want. Print the pattern onto copy paper - to cut out and pin on the felt - or freezer paper. Read more about the freezer paper method here. Use the SVG pattern with a Cricut Maker.

2. Cut out felt pieces. Save the scraps for a later step.

felt monstera leaf directions

3. Spray leaves with fabric stiffener over scrap paper or cardboard. The amount of spray will determine the stiffness of the leaves. (Think of it like hairspray!) Allow leaves to dry completely. You can learn more about spray stiffener here

How to make felt stiff

4. Cut out oblong vein shape from leftover felt scraps.

how to make tropical leaves

5. Glue the floral wire between the vein and leaf. To make an extra long stem, twist two wires together. 

diy tropical leaves

6. Arrange in a vase with just a few leaves or as an entire plant. A few poms will help hold the leaves in place.

how to make tropical leaves

Happy Crafting!

How to stiffen felt