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Felt Butterfly Tutorial


If you've even seen a butterfly up close, you know that nothing compares with the artistry of Nature. Maker Team member Sarah of @sariditty has used that inspiration to create a tutorial for bright and beautiful felt butterflies. (And it's a great project to compliment Sarah's Flutterby stitch pattern!) Our Secret Garden felt palette seemed like the natural choice for such a vibrant project, wouldn't you agree?

Just like butterflies found in nature, these beauties can be made in a variety of colors with lots of detail... or just a little. As the maker, you decide. Follow along to learn the basic principles and then let your creativity soar!

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Time: 3 hours

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Butterfly Templates  (click to download)


1. Print the Butterfly Templates above at 100%. Carefully cut out each shape. No need to cut out the antennae - simply use them as a guide during Step 6.

2. Choose the felt colors for each layer. Butterfly A has four layers plus the body, while Butterfly B and Butterfly C have three layers plus the body.

3. Trace the main butterfly shape (A, B, C) on the base layer felt twice and cut out. Trace the remaining decorative layers onto the desired felt colors and cut out. Flip over the decorative layers and trace again for a mirror image, then cut.

4. Build each butterfly beginning with one base layer. Carefully set each piece into place to ensure cut edges and position align properly. Make adjustments, if necessary, then glue in place.

5. Use six strands of coordinating embroidery floss to attach and embellish each felt layer. Try a variety of stitches for visual interest - backstitch, blanket stitch, whip stitch, fly stitch, chain stitch, pistil stitch, french knot, etc.

6. Using the antennae printout as a placement guide, draw the antennae onto the base layer with an erasable ink pen. Stitch along guidelines with backstitch and a french knot.

7. Trace the base layer onto fusible stabilizer. Cut inside the traced line so it is slightly smaller than the felt base. Press onto the undecorated felt base with an iron to adhere. Use a few dots of tacky glue to adhere the fused base layer to the stitched, multi-layer butterfly. Once glue is dry, whip stitch around the perimeter.

Your beautiful butterflies are ready to soar! Use them as ornaments or hanging decorations in your home.

If you wish to apply the embellished butterfly to a piece of fabric or other backing, the second base with stabilizer is not necessary. I opted to adhere my butterflies to decorative wood cutting boards. They look like preserved butterflies on display!

Thanks to Sarah for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @sariditty or visit her website. Stay tuned for more tutorials from the Benzie Design Maker Team!