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Hummingbird Doll Tutorial

We are absolutely delighted to present this first tutorial from Benzie Design Maker Team member Joana of @critterwood.creations.patterns! She makes the most enchanting dolls and we are so lucky to have her sharing her talent with us. This project is the very definition of whimsy and we think you're going to love it - and Joana!

It’s almost Summer and, if you are like me and spend hours watching birds, this is a perfect project for you. This hummingbird doll is intended to be uncomplicated with simple lines and minimal cutting, so even the less experienced sewist can enjoy. You also have the option to jazz it up by either sewing on sequins (for the ambitious) or gluing (for the busy.) If you prefer a simpler look, skip the sequins and finish the project in just a few hours and still end up with a cute doll. I will demonstrate how to make a doll, dress, shoes, under shorts and wings - all removable accessories for hours of fun in the garden. So, if you are ready, let’s get started!

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Time: 3 or 7 hours

Shop Supplies

Additional Supplies:

Hummingbird Pattern  (click to download)
Glossy Accents Sequin Glue - optional
One Set of Snap Buttons
Red Coloring Pencil


1. Print Hummingbird Pattern above and cut out pieces. Trace pattern pieces onto corresponding felt and cut out. Using scallop shears, cut around bottom edges of dress, wings, collars and flowers.

Cutting out felt pieces

2. Pin duplicate felt pieces together: body, arms, head, underwear and shoes.

Pinning felt body pieces together

3. Separate embroidery floss into one strand. You will use one strand to blanket stitch all parts in this project, except when embroidering.

Seperating embroidery floss

4. Blanket stitch the body, arms and head. Stop before completely closing to add stuffing.

Blanket stitching body pieces together

5. Stuff body parts with Polyfil and stitch closed.

Stuffing body pieces

6. To attach arms, start on one side of body and insert the needle all the way to the other side. Attach first arm. Pass needle back to starting point and add second arm. With a back and forth motion, sew on both arms and tie off with knot under one arm.

Attaching arms to body

7. Using a Frixion pen, trace eyes and beak onto felt face.

Tracing face features onto felt

8. Using two strands of embroidery floss, embroider outline for each eye and fill in with a satin stitch. Embroider white of each eye with small clusters of single stitches. Embroider beak in same manner.

Embroidering face features

9. Stitch head pieces together and stuff before stitching closed.

Stitching and stuffing doll head

10. Make a small slit at back base of head. Apply a generous amount of glue to neck and insert into slit.

Attaching head to body

11. Blanket stitch shoes and underwear.

Stitching shoes and underwear

12. For the dress, begin by gluing together collar. Glue red collar to dress, then orange collar to red collar. After glue dries completely, attach snap buttons.

Making dress with closure

13. To make flowers for headband, run stitches along inner part of semi-circle and pull tight until felt gathers in center. Secure with a stitch before embroidering center. Sew flowers onto head band.

Making felt flowers

14. Stitch or glue sequins to headband (optional). Glue headband onto doll.

Attaching sequins to headband

15. Sew straps to inside of wings. You can be finished with the wings at this point or opt to add sequins in the next step.

Sewing straps to wings

16. On outside of wings, draw diagonal lines to help define direction of sequins.

Drawing guidelines on wing back

To create an ombre effect, sew (or glue) sequins in following color order: Clover, Kelly Green, Teal, Marine, Teal, Kelly Green, Clover, Kelly Green, Teal, Marine...

Adding ombre sequins to wings

17. Finally, with a red pencil, add blush to cheeks in circular motion. Smudge with finger.

Drawing rosey cheeks on doll face

Finished hummingbird doll

I hope you enjoyed making this hummingbird! I know that it can be tedious to sew on one sequin at a time, but the end result is always stunning and you can feel good about having done it all by hand. Also, keep in mind that you can make many variation of this doll. I modeled my doll after a Ruby-throated Hummingbird but there are enough species of hummingbirds to keep you sewing all Summer!

Finished hummingbird doll

Thanks to Joana for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @critterwood.creations.patterns or visit her website. Stay tuned for more tutorials from the Benzie Design Maker Team!