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Felt Eucalyptus tutorial

Creating Eucalyptus stems from either a pattern or a die is super easy! These are inspired by dyed and dried eucalyptus. They were made in pretty jewel tones, but you can make them in every color of the Benzie rainbow. It's a wonderful project with a small supply list and a big impact!

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 1 hour

Project supplies

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Additional Supplies:

Eucalyptus Pattern  (options below)

Option 1: Trace or print this SVG Pattern onto cardstock or freezer paper. Find a tutorial for using freezer paper here.

Option 2: Use this SVG Pattern with an electronic cutting machine. Find a tutorial for using cutting machines with felt here.

Option 3: Use our new Eucalyptus Deep Etch Die with your die cut machine. Find a tutorial for using die cut machines here.

Option 4: Draw your own pattern for the eucalyptus leaves. Just a basic peanut shape is needed!


1. After you gather your supplies, cut out the leaf shapes by cutting machine or by hand. You can never have enough eucalyptus! I kept mine sorted by size.

Cutting felt leaves

2. If you used a cutting machine, manual or electronic, the center holes of the eucalyptus leaves are already cut. If you are cutting these by hand, use the tip of scissors or an awl to make a small hole in the center of the leaf. Begin stacking the leaves onto the wires, largest to smallest. I started with five extra large, five large, five medium and ten small leaves per stem. I like the natural progression of size on the finished piece.

Stacking felt leaves on stem

3. Heat up that glue gun! Touch the glue gun to the point where the stem and the center of the eucalyptus meet. You only need the tiniest bit of glue. A glue gun with a small tip is very useful for this. Pinch together to secure. Space the leaves approximately one to two finger widths apart. Keep moving down the entire stem.

Gluing felt leaves to stem

These look put together no matter how quickly you assemble! It adds to the organic feel.

Finished felt eucalyptus leaves

Thanks to Renae for designing and writing this tutorial! Stay tuned for more tutorials from Benzie Design!