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Heart Pillow DIY for Kids

Felt Heart Pillow, by Tara Curtis of WEFTY®
Social distancing has meant lots of cancelled visits with friends and family. My kids have been keeping in touch with folks over Facetime, but it’s not quite the same! We decided to make heart pillows for some members of our family as a reminder of how much we love them. This Felt Heart Pillow project is easy for kids to customize according to their tastes and skill level.

kids craft pillow

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 1-2 hours total work time (but you’ll be letting glue dry overnight in between work sessions)

Supply List:
Wool blend felt 9x12" in Marine for the pillow
Wool blend felt 9x12" in Peacock for the pocket
Wool blend felt 9x12" in Clover for the leaves
Precut Felt-fetti roses in Marine, Peacock, Linen and Julep
Tacky Glue, or Hot Glue if you want a quicker dry
Embroidery Thread
Hand sewing needle
beads (optional)
Heart Pattern, free download

1) Assemble your felt-fetti roses by wrapping them from the middle out. I applied glue to the middle and end. Set aside to dry

2) Select your felt colors for the front, back, and pocket. I was able to cut a back panel and pocket piece from one 8.5 x 11 sheet of felt

3) Print out two copies of the Felt Heart Pillow pattern pieces. Cut out the large heart from one sheet and the small heart from the other. I cut both from the same sheet of paper, which you’ll see in the photos. It saved paper, but the pattern piece is then less stable

kids felt crafts

4) Pin the pattern pieces to your felt and use as a template to cut out the heart shapes

rolled felt flowers

5) Add beads and leaves to your felt fetti roses. I sewed the bead into the middle of the rose, then stabilized the flower by sewing across the bottom before adding the leaf.

kids felt craft

felt pillow for kids

6) Sew the pocket onto the front heart piece. I drew a line for my child to follow so they knew where to start and stop

7) Glue your roses to the front heart shape and set aside to dry

felt kids pillow

8) Sew front and back together leaving a gap for stuffing

9) Stuff your pillow so it’s nice and full

10) Hand sew the gap closed

felt kid craft

Congratulations! You’ve made an adorable symbol of love for someone special in your life. Fill the pocket with candy and a note to brighten that person’s day. You can check out my kids’ versions of this project at weftyneedle.com.

Thanks so much Tara! The addition of the pocket is a great way to add a little felt fun to summer pen-pal correspondence! You can find Tara at www.weftyneedle.com and @weftyneedle on Instagram.