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Peter Pan Collar


Festive felt collar tutorial

When you've spent the year in sweatpants, looking for something to wear to a holiday party can feel daunting. Maker Team member Amy of @mikelmichelleco is here to get us out of our wardrobe funk and into something with style! (We won't judge you if you wear it with sweatpants.)

Happy (almost) Christmas! To celebrate I would like to share this Peter Pan collar inspired by Benzie’s Cranberry Christmas Palette. I believe it says, “I am festive and ready for the party," but in a Florida heat kinda way. Or for those who may prefer a slightly more subtle look than Christmas tree hair. If you’re gearing up for holiday get togethers and/or looking for a fun craft to enjoy with friends, this one is for you!

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Time: 3 hours

Project supplies


One 9 x 12" sheet of Linen Wool Blend Felt
Custom Felt-fetti Holly in Evergreen, Meadow, Pistachio and Mint
Pom-poms in Orchid, Foxglove and Cranberry, Extra Small
Pom-poms in Orchid, Foxglove and Cranberry, Small
9.5 mm Gold Jingle Bells
1.27 cm Gold Jingle Bells
7 mm Orchid Silk Ribbon
Embroidery Thread
Disappearing Ink Pen
Flat Iron
Glue Gun - optional
Festive Collar Pattern  (click to download)


1. Print the Festive Collar pattern above onto cardstock and cut out.

Cutting out collar template

2. Trace and cut out two collar pieces from the Linen felt. If you’d like to hide any ink marks, flip the stencil to the opposite side before tracing your second piece.

Tracing pattern onto felt

3. Take the holly leaves and fold each in half. Flat iron from the tip of the leaf and move along the length to the other end. Make sure to keep the iron moving slightly, while opening and closing the iron plates, so that you do not burn your felt. After creating a crisp fold line, open the leaf and flatten one end point while curling it downward to give the leaf a fuller appearance.

Flat ironing felt holly leaves

4. Lay collar on a flat surface and place holly leaves, pom-poms, and bells in desired positions. Mark these spots using a disappearing ink pen.

Marking holly placement

5. Begin attaching pieces. Start with the holly leaves by stitching through the leaf and collar piece a couple of times. Tie a knot on the underneath side of collar to secure. You don’t have to cut and re-knot the thread for each holly leaf cluster, as long as they are very close together.

Stitching embellishments on collar

6. Next, attach the berries (pom-poms) in the same manner, but first tie a knot to the pom-pom in order to secure it in place more easily. Group a couple of different shades and sizes together. Work in the jingle bells in the same way, looping the thread through the bell before adding it to the berry cluster. This will allow you to hide the loop on the bell beneath the berry clusters. 

Attaching berries and bells

Stitching embellishments on collar

Optional - If you prefer to glue your pieces in place, tie a short piece of crochet thread to the metal hoop of the jingle bell, then glue in place beneath a pompom to ensure a strong hold. 

Optional gluing technique

7. Cut two strips of the silk ribbon approximately 25" long and seal the ends with a no-fray liquid or very carefully using an open flame. Secure one end of each ribbon to the sides of the collar, stitching from underneath through the ribbon and the collar piece, so the ribbon will be hidden between the two collar pieces once completed. If the ribbon needs ironing, use the lowest setting on your flat iron and gently run the blades in a continuous motion over the length of the ribbon.

Attaching silk ribbon

8. Place the second collar piece onto the back of the first, pin, and quilt stitch around the perimeter to close. Begin right next to the ribbon, at the top corner, and sew from one side over to the other ribbon, stopping and knotting off the thread. Repeat along the bottom. This will leave the very small spots where the silk ribbon is sewn in place slightly open, but makes the quilt stitch much easier since we can skip those spots.

Stitching together collar front and back

9. Tie the ribbons into a pretty little bow, and you’ve got yourself a fancy, festive collar! Any leftover pieces can be added to the ends of your silk ribbons for an adorable behind-the-back look, too!

Festive felt peter pan collar

Yay! Now you (and possibly your crafting group) have a fun and festive collar that’s sure to dress up any outfit! I will be adorning mine at my kids’ holiday concert. And Christmas Eve. And Christmas. And New Year’s Eve. And New Year’s Day. It's appropriate for any occasion! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Have fun creating and have an awesome holiday season!

Completed festive felt collars

Thanks to Amy for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @mikelmichelleco or visit her website. Stay tuned for more tutorials from the Benzie Design Maker Team!