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Kawaii Needle Book


Keep all of your needles safe and sound in a kawaii needle book! This super cute and useful project was designed by Mollie of Wild Olive. The cover features felt applique with a happy rainbow, stars, and hearts. It's perfect to make for a young stitcher, but let's face it - we can all enjoy a bit of cuteness in our lives!

Skill Level: Beginner
Time: 2 hours

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Kawaii Needle Book Templates  (click to download)


1. Use the Squares and Scallops Die to cut two matching large scallop square pieces and three large plain squares. If you want to add more pages to your needle book, cut more plain squares.

2. Trace the templates onto freezer paper and iron them onto the felt. You will need one of each shape, plus a second large star without a face. Cut out the felt shapes, except for the two shapes with faces.

3. On the shapes with faces, use three strands of black embroidery floss to stitch the faces. Use French knots for the eyes and scallop stitch for the mouths. It's easier to do this before you cut out the shapes. After the embroidery is finished, peel off the freezer paper and carefully tear it away from the stitching.

4. Arrange the pieces on the front scallop square. You may find it helpful to add a few drops of glue to hold them in place as you stitch. You can also remove the extra pieces and stitch them down one at a time. Use two strands of matching embroidery floss and whip stitch. Come up close to the top felt shape and then go down through the felt shape.

Repeat this step for all the shapes.

5. Use the plain large star on the first plain square to hold a super strong magnet in the upper left corner.

Stitch around the star with whip stitch as you did with the other applique shapes and before you finish all the sides, slide the magnet inside.

6. Center the front cover on the back of the page with the magnetic star. Starting at the lower left corner, stitch around three sides with running stitch through the stitch markings. Leave the extra thread attached. Center the second scallop square on another plain square and stitch around three sides. End off the thread and hide the knot between the layers.

7. Layer all the pages together, placing the unstitched sides of the front and back on the left edge. Using the thread still attached to the front cover, stitch down the needle book spine with running stitch through the stitch markings. Go back up the spine, filling in the gaps with running stitch. Secure the thread with a knot hidden between the layers.

Use your finished needle book to hold your needles…and then some!

The magnetic star is perfect for holding your needle temporarily while you pause your stitching, but it also will hold your favorite pair of embroidery scissors!

Fill the middle page and the back with more needles. If you want to organize a lot of needle types, you'll definitely want to add those extra pages.

Want to make a coordinating spot to store some pins? Visit Mollie's blog to make a hexagon mini pincushion

Of course, you can use the Squares and Scallops dies to make more needle books with other designs on them, plus plenty more projects too!