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Merry Berry Christmas Garland DIY


felt ball christmas garland diy

Felt ball garlands are so easy to make and a great way to add cheer to any holiday! For this tutorial, we mixed in some berry sprigs and wooden beads to make a festive Christmas garland. Let's deck the halls!

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 2 hours

Felt Berry Sprig

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Additional Supplies:

Leaf Pattern, pdf or svg
Chocolate Wool Roving  (optional)
Felting Needle  (optional)
Florist Tape


Berry Sprigs

1. Cut out leaves from your favorite green felt. It's super easy to freehand cut the leaves or use our pdf or svg files included in the supply list as a guide.

2. Cut wire to about 4" long.

3. Use hot glue to attach greenery on each end of the wire. Place a small bit of glue on the top center of the leaf and pinch until cooled. Trim the point with scissors. 

4. Fold wire in half and twist into place. 

5. Cover wire with florist tape. 

6. To make the berries more realistic, needle felt a little bit of brown roving into the tops. Read this if you are new to needle felting.

7. Hot glue berries in place. 

how to make a felt berry hairclip

Stringing the Garland

1. To start, take a strand of floss the length of what you would like your finished garland to be. Fold the last 2" or so of floss over and tie a knot like shown in the photo. String with felt poms. 

2. Using an awl, pierce the pom where the string comes out, making a dimple in the felt pom.

3. Pull knot down into the dimple. 

4. Trim tail. 

how to make a felt ball garland

Some poms are a little more felted and may require a bit more force but most just glide through the needle! 

how to string a felt ball garland

Below is an example of the Cranberry Felt Pom Palette used two different ways - one using only the medium sized poms and the second mixed with wood beads and berry sprigs. 

felt ball garlands

Happy Crafting and Happy Holidays from Team Benzie!

berry sprig garland