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Paper airplane garland tutorial

Ready or not, it's back to school time! Luckily, Maker Team member Amy of @mikelmichelleco is giving us a reason to get excited with this playful "Paper" Airplane Garland tutorial. You're going to want to take notes!

Looking toward the start of another school year for my wee ones brings on a sense of nostalgia. I remember writing and passing notes and, though I learned quite a few shapes and techniques, paper planes were always my favorite. I hope you enjoy making this fun “Paper” Airplane Garland that can easily be displayed in a classroom or as an awesome first day of school photo prop.

Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Time: 2 hours

Craft supplies


One 12x18" sheet of White Wool Blend Felt
Charmed PomPom Palette, Medium
Hot Glue Gun
Permanent Markers
Flat Iron
1/8" Circle Hole Punch or screw punch - optional
Tracing Light Pad - optional
Notebook Paper Template  (click to download)


1. Print the Notebook Paper Template onto regular (thin) printer paper using “Best” quality to ensure the lines are VERY dark. Set aside. If using this pattern as a stencil for the outer (rectangular) shape, print another copy onto cardstock using “Draft” quality and cut out. This pattern includes two margin lines to mimic the appearance of a thin sheet of notebook paper.

2. Trace and cut out five rectangular shapes using the stencil. If using a die cutting machine, a rectangular die measuring 4.25x5.5" can be used instead.

Tracing rectangular paper shape

3. Flat iron the felt rectangles on the lowest setting. This prepares the surface to better accept ink, as any bumps or fly-aways will be tamed.

Flat ironing felt sheets

4. Place the “Best” quality print out onto a tracing light pad or tape it to a bright sunlit window. Place each white wool blend felt rectangle over the pattern and use it, along with a ruler, as a guide to trace the lines. It's best to test each marker on a bit of scrap felt first, to determine the necessary speed and pressure to apply while moving across the felt. Trace the horizontal lines in a blue shade and the vertical (margin) lines in a pink shade. Then flip the “paper” over and trace these lines onto the back, as well.

Tracing lines on felt paper

Optional: Mark the hole positions and punch out using a 1/8" circle hole punch.

Punching holes in felt paper

5. Fold the “paper” in half vertically and flat iron the fold line.

Folding felt airplane

6. Unfold. Take the right upper corner and fold toward the center crease. Flat iron the fold line. Do the same to the left side. Remove the two folded pieces by cutting along the fold lines. This allows for easier completion of the folded airplane.

Making and ironing fold in felt airplane

7. Take the right upper edge and fold towards the center vertical fold line and flat iron the crease. Repeat on the left side.

Refolding felt paper airplane

8. Fold in half along the same vertical center line and run your flat iron along this crease before folding down the wings of the airplane.

Folding felt airplane into shape

After folding the wings, hold them in place and flat iron both fold lines together.

Ironing felt airplane into shape

9. Open the airplane completely and add a small amount of hot glue while re-folding. This will ensure the  airplanes maintain their shape.  

Gluing felt airplanes together

10. Take the Charmed pompom palette and darner needle and string five pompoms onto the thread. Next, carefully feed the needle through the nose of the plane, allowing the needle tip to exit where the wings begin their fold. Feed the needle back and forth between the inner pieces of felt along the fold lines, exiting through the opening of the wing fold. Continue adding pompoms and airplanes until your preferred length is reached. If the airplanes get a bit squished when feeding the needle through, use the flat iron to get their edges crisp again.

Stringing airplane garland

11. Tie off the ends and you’re finished! 

Back to school photo prop

Now that you’ve got an awesome garland, you can use the remainder of your supplies to add more airplanes, make a backpack charm, or create a couple of “paper” airplane ornaments for your favorite teachers. Don’t forget to write their names enclosed with a heart or add a flame to their plane. Thank you for following along and have fun!

Adding embellishments to airplane garland

Thanks to Amy for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @mikelmichelleco or visit her website. Stay tuned for more tutorials from Amy and the Benzie Design Maker Team!