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Piña Colada Felt Dolls Tutorial


Pina Colada Felt Dolls Tutorial

Soak up these final days of Summer vacation with a new doll tutorial from Benzie Design Maker Team member Joana of @critterwood.creations.patterns. These fresh and fruity dolls are so fun - and surprisingly easy! The most challenging part is a few small knots. Grab your scissors and a cold drink and get started!

Who doesn't enjoy a fruity beverage on a hot Summer day? And what a great way to please your visual and tactile senses as well as your taste buds! You can make just one doll or all three while you binge-watch your favorite show. Try different colors and dress them up however you like. You can also add ribbon, sequins or beads. When you are done, reward yourself with a cold piña colada!

Skill Level: Intermediate

Time: 3 - 4 hours per doll

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Additional Supplies:

Doll Patterns  (click to download)
Small Twig, for cherry stem
Red Pencil
5" Doll Needle - optional


1. Print patterns above and cut out pieces. Trace pattern pieces onto corresponding felt and cut out.

Felt doll pieces

2. Use one strand of matching floss to blanket stitch bodies and arms. Stop before completely closing to add stuffing. Once stuffed, stitch closed. 

Adding stuffing to doll body and stitching closed

3. To attach arms, start on one side of body (right under neck) and insert the needle all the way to the other side. Attach first arm. Pass needle back to starting point and add second arm. With a back and forth motion, sew on both arms and tie off with knot under one arm. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for all three dolls.

Attaching arms to doll body


4. Mark the head and eye placement with erasable pen. Glue front head piece to face to hold in place. Secure with a back stitch, right above the face, using two strands of coordinating floss. Embroider the eyes with a satin stitch. The white of the eyes are made with a few cluster stitches.

Stitching details on pineapple head

5. Draw diagonal lines about 1/2" apart on head front and back. Alternate directions and repeat to create diamond shapes.

Drawing diamond pattern on pineapple head

Stitch along sides of diamond, leaving a space at each intersection. At the center of each diamond, stitch a large French knot.

Stitching diamond pattern on pineapple head

6. To make a crown, layer leaves on top of each other. Starting with the smallest three, glue them on the inside of head back. Repeat leaf layers in the following order: (3) small, (2) medium, (2) large, (2) medium and (3) small. Sandwich leaves between head pieces and blanket stitch around head using coordinating floss. Leave bottom open for stuffing.

Adding crown of leaves to pineapple head

7. Stuff head with Polyfil and attach to body by inserting the neck into the head. Sew closed starting on one open end of head and stopping where the neck meets the head, then continuing until the bottom of the head is closed. Tuck in the excess material under the neck.

Attaching pineapple head to body

8. Blanket stitch the shorts together along inner and outer sides using matching floss. Use six strands of white floss to make a straight stitch around waistband for a drawstring. Knot ends.

Stitching shorts for pineapple doll

9. Fold the shirt in half. Cut out the collar opening and blanket stitch the sides in coordinating floss. Split the front of the shirt where indicated. Add French knots for buttons.

Stitching shirt for pineapple doll


10. Mark the head and eye placement with erasable pen. Glue front head piece to face, then glue rim along edge where head and face meet. Glue three coconut holes to top of the head. Embroider the eyes with a satin stitch and use small back stitches for the mouth.

Stitching details on coconut head

11. Place front and back of head together and blanket stitch around the perimeter, leaving a small opening at the base. Add Polyfil and attach head to the body as described in Step 7.

Attaching head to coconut doll

12. For the bikini top, cut notches in each of the small circles and glue cut sides together to form a dome. Connect the cups with six strands of embroidery floss and attach the straps as shown below.

Making felt coconut bra

13. Cut out bikini bottom and attach straps in the same manner as the top. 

Making bikini bottoms for coconut doll

14. The straw skirt is made of two layers. Glue the waistband to the first layer and cut 1/8" strips, being careful not to cut into the waistband. Cut the second layer in the same manner and glue to the back of the first layer. Add embroidery floss (six strands) to both ends of the skirt to close.

Making straw skirt for coconut doll


15. Glue front head piece over the face. Straight stitch around opening with matching floss. Mark facial features with erasable pen. Embroider the eyes with a satin stitch and use a small back stitch for the mouth.

Stitching face details on cherry doll

16. Glue a small stick to the back head piece (for a stem) before placing front and back of head together. Blanket stitch around perimeter with coordinating floss, leaving a small opening at the base. Add Polyfil and attach head to the body as described in Step 7.

Adding stem to cherry head and stitching together

17. Blanket stitch the bathing suit along inner and outer sides using coordinating floss. Glue a white felt stripe to the front and attach embroidery floss (six strands) for straps.

Making bathing suit for cherry doll

18. Finally, make sure each doll has blushed cheeks and is dressed for a day at the beach!

Finished pina colada dolls

Now it's time to admire your beautiful work... while you sip your piña colada!

Finished pina colada doll trio

Thanks to Joana for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @critterwood.creations.patterns or visit her website. Stay tuned for more tutorials from the Benzie Design Maker Team!