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Laser Cutting Felt with a Glowforge


Cutting Felt on a Glowforge

We shared a tutorial for laser cutting wool felt and today Benzie Design Creative Director Renae is adding her tips and tricks for cutting stiffened felt on a Glowforge. You'll definitely want to try this!

One of the biggest benefits to lasering stiffened recycled felt is avoiding any burn odor that is common when lasering wool felt. If you are interested in laser cutting your own felt for some of our Benzie tutorials, this is a great option! Look at the fun thread projects that you can make with stitchable felt!

Felt cross stitch dolls

These Felt "Paper" Dolls were made by Benzie Maker @notsomodernmillie.



Stiffened Felt
SVG Pattern  (click to download)

Glowforge Settings

These are the settings we found work best with stiffened recycled felt and don't leave any burned edges either! Any other type of felt will need adjustments.

Stiffened Felt

Speed: 330
Power: 10
Thickness: 0.03 inch

Glowforge cut settings


1. Place your felt in the Glowforge bed and use clips or magnets to hold it in place and to prevent bowing.

Glowforge laser cutter

2. Because of the number of small shapes to cut, Glowforge recommends breaking up the pattern into two different cuts in order to ensure accuracy and spacing. The provided SVG is already set up to do this. To implement, 'cut' the first half and 'ignore' the second half.

3. When the first half is done lasering, DO NOT adjust or take out the felt, simply leave it in the laser bed and print the second half by 'ignoring' the first half.

4. When the second half is done, take out and stitch!

Stitchable felt letters

This Cross Stitch Alphabet by Benzie Maker @wee_wonderfuls is another wonderful example of how to use stitchable felt!

Thanks to Renae for designing and writing this tutorial! Stay tuned for more tutorials from the Benzie Design Maker Team!