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Every kid knows the best way to beat the summer heat is popsicles, and this felt food version from Val at @bebebonvivant won't drip all over your floors!  You can use any bright, summery-colored felt for this project, but we loved the way Benzie's Cut + Paste felt color palette popped!

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Time to Complete: 30-60 minutes

Popsicle stick craft

Popsicle Stick
  • Trace and cut a slightly larger outline of a popsicle stick onto your beige felt (2x for each popsicle you plan to make).
  • Place the popsicle stick between the two pieces of beige felt and sew their edges together using a whip stitch. Using a real popsicle stick will give the finished popsicle additional stability when held, and enclosing it in felt allows it to be sewn into the rest of the project.

Felt Food Popsicle Patternhow to sew a felt popscicle

Summer crafts
Popsicle crafts
Popsicle crafts
Solid Popsicle
Cut the following pattern pieces from any color of felt:
    • Popsicle body (Piece 1) two times
    • Popsicle edge (Piece 2)
    • Popsicle bottom (Piece 3)
    1. Cut layers of quilting batting in the shape of Piece 1, stacking them until they are approximately 1 inch thick.  The number of layers will depend on the thickness and density of your batting.
    2. Using a whip stitch, sew the long edge (Piece 2) to one of the rounded popsicle body cut outs (Piece 1).  To create a better shape, it can be helpful to set the pieces of felt against the stacked layers of quilting batting, and then sew the edges together, as shown in the photo above.
    3. Turn the piece over, align the second popsicle body cut out and sew along the long edge.
    4. Cut a slit in the center of the popsicle bottom (Piece 3) that is the same width as your popsicle stick.
    5. Slide popsicle stick about halfway through the slit cut into the bottom (Piece 3), then secure with a few whip stitches on each side of the cut slit.
    6. Insert one end of the popsicle stick halfway into the layered batting at the open end of your popsicle body. Stitch the edges of the bottom piece to the popsicle.

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    Striped Popsicle
    • Cut the following pattern pieces white or any color of scrap felt.  These pieces will serve as the base layer to attach the striped segments.
      • Popsicle body (Piece 1) two times
      • Popsicle edge (Piece 2) 
    • Cut the following pattern pieces from any color of felt, but here we will reference the colors in the example photos
      • Pink felt
        • Piece 4, two times
        • Piece 9
      • Yellow felt
        • Piece 5, two times
        • Piece 8
        • Piece 10
      • Teal felt
        • Piece 6, two times
        • Piece 7
        • Piece 11
        • Piece 3
    1. One at a time, layer each of the popsicle body segments (Pieces 4, 5, and 6) on the base layer (Piece 1), attaching their inner edges to the base with matching thread using a whip stitch.  Do not sew along the outer edge of the popsicle shape yet.
    2. Again, one at a time, layer each of the popsicle edge segments (Pieces 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11) onto the base layer (Piece 2), sewing only the inner edge of each segment.
    3. Now that all the stripes are attached to their base layers, repeat steps 2-6 from the solid popsicle instructions above, switching your thread color to match each segment as you sew the edges together.

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    All done!  Make in as many fun colors as you'd like, and hopefully, your little one will share one with you on the next steamy summer day!
    Thanks to Val from Bébé Bon Vivant for designing and writing this fun summer craft! You can follow her on Instagram @bebebonvivant, and stay tuned for more Benzie Design Maker Team tutorials from Val and the rest of the Team each week!